Big the Cat:
The Big Fishing Adventure
Developer(s) Phazonworks, Sega
Platform(s) Wii U
Age Rating(s)
E, Pegi 7
Genre(s) Arcade, Sports
Big the Cat: The Big Fishing Adventure is an arcade-style fishing game starring the fishercat Big from Sonic Adventure, now starring in his own fishing game for the Wii U.


Big has been fishing every since he was a kitten. With his pal Froggy, he's hauled in all kinds of catches: from tiny sardines to massive tuna and even anglerfish too; now there's a new tournament to see who can catch the biggest fish in the world. Signing up, Big is ready to prove that a cat can catch just as much as anyone else!




Number Name Stage Type Unlock Method Fish Species Background
1 Emerald Coast: Beachside Retreat Oceanside Basic Stage
  • Sardines (small)
  • Stonefish (small)
  • Parrotfish (medium)
  • Hammerheads (large)
  • Sailfish (Legendary Catch)
Big's home territory when it comes to fishing, Emerald Coast's exotic beaches and various offshore structures are home to many different types of fish for him to hook off the bat; a lot of fish hide in various parts of the coves, so it's best to keep looking hard for new and varying catches?
2 Red Mountain: The Volcano's Oasis Lakeside Basic Stage
  • Smallmouth Bass (small)
  • Rainbow Trout (small)
  • Largemouth Bass (medium)
  • Paddlefish (large)
3 Ice Cap: Catching Cold Ice-Fishing Finish Arcade Course 1
4 Mystic Ruins: Untouched Pool Creek-Fishing Finish Arcade Course 1
5 Windy Valley: Branching River River-Fishing Finish Arcade Course 2
6 Twinkle Park: Moonlight Brooks Dusk-Fishing Finish Arcade Course 2
11 Night-Fishing Find all 10 Legendary Catches
12 Jolly Roger Bay: Undersea Wreckage Ocean Fishing DLC
13 Lake Hylia: Zora's Sanctuary Lake Fishing DLC
14 Torvus Bog: Alien Catches Swamp Fishing DLC
15 Cave Area: Classic Fishing Cave Fishing DLC

Equipment & Tackle


Big may be a little slow when it comes to fishing, but that's why he gets all this gear to help him along the way.

  • Float Belt - While cats aren't generally known for swimming, this inflatube belt does all the watery work for Big when needed; whereas before he could only cast on the shore, with the Float Belt he can throw his lure into the water while floating ON the water, and even swim to islands where he can gain leverage over all sorts of obstacles in the water.
  • Power Caster - Although Big's fishing rod does have quite a bit of range, it can only cast up to 10 meters of line at a time; with the Power Caster, he can cast up to 25 meters at a time.
  • Bait-shot - Although Big does have special lures and such that can lure in all kinds of catches for him, sometimes those won't cut it for bringing in lots of fish at once; that's why he has the Bait-shot slingshot. It launches special pellets that, after hitting the water, lure in fish with a smell they find nigh-irresistable.
  • Dispersion Cage - While the Bait-shot does get the job done when it comes to luring fish in, a quicker-but-more-difficult-to-use way to lure the fish in is with this special cage Big can attach to his line; with a special claylike bait mix, Big can lure in fish just by reeling. Sometimes, a fish won't even notice that one of the things in the mix has hooks when there's so much free food about.
  • Froggy Cam - Big's best friend helps him out in this game in a unique new angle: since Froggy now has a camera on his back, he can scope out where the biggest catches are hiding and give Big some incentive as to where to throw his bait.
  • Sniper Fisher - The Sniper Fisher isn't available until later in the game, but after Big completes his first professional tournament with a gold or platinum trophy, he gains a fishing rod capable of using a special bobber to cast hooked bait with precision aiming, even able to ricochet it off of obstacles. It does help that its casting range is extended to 35 meters, which helps access some of the more hard-to-reach places on most of the maps.

Surface Lures

Silent Lures

Deep-Level Lures




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