Giant Dry Guy is A optional boss, defeating it will unlock

Waluigi, It is quite impossible to defeat him, as you must

dodge good, and have 50 attack, and 40 defense, 39 speed,

and 20 Stache (optional), he appears in the game,

M&L,W&W: The Chaos, He is the fourth optional boss in

the arena,

M&L,W&W: The Chaos

He appears as the fourth optional boss summoned by Friendly Dry Guy, if you ask him, he will ask you to battle the fourth optional boss, the quotes are "Aren't you strong enough to demolish my master?, because you will die if your a weakling", when Mario, Luigi', Wario' (' means unlocked) are weak, "Ah, are you ready to fight my master strongling?" when Mario, Luigi', Wario' are strong enough to defeat the boss, he will summon 2 Dry Guys during the battle, Defeating Him will result in unlocking the spring-jumping brother, Waluigi.

Attacks in M&L,W&W: The Chaos

He will attack by Turning his hand into a rock-like hand, and trying to smack the brothers and Wario, the attack has a 50% chance to cause Fear on Mario Brothers, and Wario, he will normally punch the brothers and Wario, he will attack the Mario Brothers, and wario by trying to throw a orb at them which has 99% chance to lower defense, he will fake a throw if he begins throwing it at which brothers (Mario, Luigi, Wario) he will fake a throw if the Brothers jump when he begins attacking, if enemys are active in battle, he will use a spell on them, which will electro-cute the enemy, and cause their defense to go up, If he is defeated, Waluigi will be unlocked, the Boss can be replayed again after the game's beaten, he is one of the strongest optional boss, with high damage, and 10 defense (the card says its 5) and so as his speed (the card says its 5 again), He has 50 SP (The card says its 20), and so he has 9000 HP (the card says its 50)


  • It's Sprites are taken from SMBX Pack, SMB2 Styled Big Dry Guy
  • The third icon holder has a bone in it, Meaning Big Dry Guy is one of the few Dry Species
  • Even though, he is not wearing a mask, or has no hood, he instead has a skull on a body instead, meaning his head is a skull
  • his skull in the sprite is used as a Icon for a boss door, even though its different as the sprite is shrunken, and it has a mean expression instead of a normal one, and its colored red, and has a dark red pupil, and different shadings, similar to the SMB3 Skull in Dark land
  • In the Card, it only shows his body because it has no room for the head, in-battle, He is fully shown


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