Big Bungee Piranha
Big Bungee Piranha artwork
Big Bungee Piranha
Gender Unknown, possibly male, possibly female, possibly both
Koopa Troop (Yoshi's Island DS), King Polarite's army (Super Mario Dream (anime 2014))
Main Weapon(s) can bite and spit out Nipper Plants
First Appearance Yoshi's Island DS
Latest Appearance Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)

Big Bungee Piranha is a large Bungee Piranha originally appearing in Yoshi's Island DS. It has purple/red heads/flowers and long thorny stems.

Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)

Big Bungee Piranha appears in Super Mario and the Mii Dimension as one of the many villains revived by King Polarite. While it appeared in Yoshi's Island DS with a very minor boss role, it serves a much more important role in the anime. In one episode, it is sent to attack Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad. Big Bungee Piranha is shown to be quite powerful, even more so than Naval Piranha. The 6 heroes panic and run as it chases them, stretching endlessly in an attempt to chomp them.

None of the heroes are able to attack because of how fast the giant Piranha Plant is, so they just keep running. This is until they come up with the plan to run in separate directions, leaving the Big Bungee Piranha quite confused. With this opportunity, Luigi uses Poltergust 5000 on the Piranha Plant to attack it. Peach also attacks it with Peach Blossom. Big Bungee Piranha is weakened, and then Mario finishes it off by using Shining Golden Galaxy Power.


While its personality is not shown in Yoshi's Island DS, Big Bungee Piranha is given a new personality in Super Mario Dream. It seems to act a bit feminine but also displays male characteristics, leaving it's gender unknown.


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