Big Bomb-omb or King Bob-omb is a boss in Super Smash Bros 4. Appeared in the Mushroom Carnival stage.

Phase 1

King Bob-omb starts out small. He'll start throwing 3 bob-ombs in a row. When King Bob-omb jumps out of the background and onto the battlefield, you can attack him. After his health reaches 3/4, King Bob-omb tosses 2 middle bombs instead of 3 small.

Phase 2

After reaching 1/2 of health, King Bob-omb turns red in anger and throws one large bomb that set off sound waves. Also when he jumps onto the battlefield, you only have 5 seconds to attack him before he jumps back. After King Bob-omb has 1/4 health left, he'll add a mega bomb attack that will set off a huge shock wave. After he is defeated, the stage is cleared!

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