Bianco Hills is an area from Isle Delfino. It homes several Piantas and a couple of Nokis. The main object of the area is the large windmill in the center.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Party 10


Group art of Bianco Hills from Mario Party 10, including Larry (the Koopaling of the board) and Dino Piranha (the boss)

In Super Mario Party 10, Bianco Hills appears as a board. In Story Mode, it is the first board that you play on. Once you beat it in Story Mode, Larry is unlocked. The boss of the board is Dino Piranha. To navigate the board, you go around the path, eventually reaching the bridge followed by the path up to the windmill. Once you reach the top of the path, you ride on the platforms- one side has a Mini-Star space, while the other has a Mini-Ztar space. There is also one Lucky Space and one Unlucky Space. If you land on the Lucky Space, you go down a long path, crossing the river, eventually reaching a field of Mini-Star Spaces. The Unlucky Space is very similar, except minus the river, and there are Mini-Ztar Spaces.


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