Beta the Android
The nefarious clone of Guppy
Full Name Beta the Android
Gender Unknown
Current Status Working
Sprite the Drone, Virus the Drone
Main Weapon(s) Mouth Cannon
Ability/ies Mouth Canon, Bite, Tail Swipe, Spin
Guppy the Shark, Angel the Shark
First Appearance Guppy Returns

Beta is a robotic copy of Guppy the Shark and is the main antagonist of Guppy Showtime and Guppy Returns. He was created by Click, originally made to be a partner to Guppy. He became corrupted, then started committing crimes. The creatures of the ocean thought it was Guppy, and he was blamed. He also appeared as a boss in Guppy the Shark.


Beta's powers are the same as Guppy's, thus being a duplicate, except for the fact that he has a cannon inside of his mouth, which is used frequently.


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