Beta Soldier
Beta Soldier
Beta soldier is a character from the game "Savage Fighters". He is an artificial being of shadow, created by Satan. Despite being made to kill, he actually has a heart and can feel emotions besides hate. He entered the Savage Fighters tournament to prove that he was more than just an evil being made of shadows.


A: Sword Slash

A + Up: Upslash

A + Down: Downslash

A + Side: Sword Sprint (Runs towards enemy with sword pointed out)

B: Dark Claw (Slashes the enemy with claws of darkness)

B + Up: Dark Upslash (Slashes upwards with claws)

B + Down: Dark Lazer (Shoots a dark lazer down at opponent)

B + Side: Dark Spikestorm (Shoots a thorn of darkness at the opponent

Finishing Blow: Bezerko Darknesss (Flies to center of stage and shoots lazers everywhere, damaging most opponents)

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