Beta-Mites 3 is the sequel to Beta-Mites 2 and third game in the Beta-Mites trilogy. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U simultaneously.


Beta-Mites 3 keeps all of it's mechanics from Beta-Mites 1 & 2, including the modes, Pels, Flop, and - of course - Beta-Mites. 4 Beta-Mites return from the previous game, and these include: Big-Mite, Hawk-Mite, Dragon-Mite, and Quick-Mite. Along with these old Beta-Mites are 4 new ones, which are: Destructo-Mite, who can destroy every single enemy on screen at a given time - it will also reduce any bosses health to 1, Hypno-Mite - who can hypnotize enemies, making them fight alongside you, Bomb-Mite who will place bombs at given command, which will explode when pressing B or in 20 seconds if the player remains idle. Finally, the Spider-Mite, which can cling onto walls and the ceiling, spitting out webs to slow enemies down.

A first to the series is also released in this - a multiplayer mode. Accompanying Karda is Kaku, a small squishy robot originating from the creature Enda. Kaku, similar to Enda, will attack with a large tongue instead of Karda's usual arm-cannon. Kaku can be controlled by another player, but if no player is there, Kaku will simply be controlled by a CPU.

There is also the return of bosses, and the final boss - of course - varying in modes. However, instead of many strange machines - the first six bosses are occupied by The Enda-Mites, machines originating from Enda itself.


  • Alpa
  • Bet
  • Gammy
  • Del
  • Eeps
  • Zeto
  • Klownly-Three

Easy - ?

Medium - ?

Hard - ?

True Final Boss

Enda Reset


Beta-Mites 3 takes place in Rural City - at first...after the events of Beta-Mites 2, Enda's starship has been crashed in central park - and is now a tourist attraction. Soon enough, Karda learns Enda has resurfaced by possesing a powerful material known as Resetite, amplifying his powers...Karda sets out to stop him with his new found partner, Kaku, discovered as a discarded project by Enda (presumeblly one of the Enda-Mites).

This time Enda has combined his forces to create the Resetite-Infected machines known as the Enda-Mites, and it's up to Karda and Kaku to stop it.


Beta-Mites was universally praised for it's fun mechanics and new multiplayer mode. The plot was revamped, and more personality was added to the bosses (Enda-Mites). It seems like a new step-up for INDIGO, but they have stated to hold off a Beta-Mites 4 to work on other games - but haven't stopped making them, just on hold.

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