Berserker as he appeared in F-Zero Climax.
Full Name Berserker
Gender Male
Species Human
First Appearance F-Zero Climax (2004)
Berserker is a character who made his very first appearance in the anime series, F-Zero Falcon Legend. He is a shady, cloaked man who is an exceptionally great F-Zero racer, working under Don Genie and participating in each of the illegal, underground races he sponsors. It is later revealed that Berserker is actually Captain Falcon in disguise for the purpose of infiltrating Dark Million from the inside and ultimately take down Black Shadow and put his Master Plan to rest. He accomplished this after faking his death during a run-in with Blood Falcon, in which he escaped a deadly on-track accident using one of Dark Million's spare machines and modifying it into the Red Bull (which he uses in Don Genie's races).


Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold

Berserker appeared in Super Smash Bros.: Going for Gold as an unlockable character.

Super Smash Bros. Universe

Berserker appears as a purchasable alternate costume for Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Universe. The costume also changes his Final Smash to the Red Bull rather than the Blue Falcon.

F-Zero U

Berserker appears once again in F-Zero U as a downloadable character in the GP Legend DLC Pack. Much like his appearence in F-Zero Climax, Berserker is an alternate for Captain Falcon.