"Bermuda Bermuda"
Season 1, episode 7
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro
Story: Exotoro
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Another One"
"The Apprentice"

Bermuda Bermuda is the seventh episode in the first season of Fantendo Now. It is the seventh episode overall.


Leah, Sakeena, X-Ray and PalmMan head to the Bermuda Triangle in search of a rare flower, discovering an entire civilization populated by Amelia Earhart's children who don't age thanks to a Fountain of Youth.


Written by Exotoro

Unten sits down in Sakeena's living room meditating. Suddenly the door opens and Leah takes a biiiiig step in. Unten gets out of his relaxing pose to look at Leah.

Unten: How did you even get inside?
Leah: The door wasn't locked.
Unten: Huh.

X-Ray walks in and waves to Unten.

Unten: Well, what are you and X-Ray doing here?
Leah: I need sidekicks for my journey to the Bermuda Triangle.
Unten: Isn't X-Ray one?
Leah: Plural. And X-Ray is not a sidekick. Are you up for it?
Unten: Are you crazy? I'm not going to the Bermuda Triangle with you.
Leah: Your loss, I guess! Hey, anyone else at home?

Sakeena slides down the stairwell.

Sakeena: I'm home! What are we doing?
Unten: They're going to the Bermuda Triangle for something.
Sakeena: Oooo!
Leah: You up for it, Metals?
Sakeena: Am I?
Leah: You're supposed to tell me.
Sakeena: Yeah!
Palmman: Jeez, what's up with all the shouting? Can barely talk to Dragonman.
Sakeena: Leah's going to the Bermuda Triangle and I'm going with her! Just like in my fanfic...
Palmman: I've always wanted to see the Bermuda Triangle. Heh. Count me in.
Leah: See you later, Unt... hmm... trying to think of a condensing nickname for you... I can't.
Palmman: Try Unteeny?
Leah: See you later UNTEENY!

Leah and the others leave and slam the door loudly.

Unten: Phhhh... what a bunch of lame-os.

Unten goes to meditate again.

Leah puts on goggles and plays with the propeller of the plane. Sakeena and the others get in the back of the plane. Sakeena has a clipboard which she's writing stuff in as PalmMan watches with visible disdain.

Leah: Alright, plane's good, let's go.

Leah sets the plane to autopilot and sits back. The plane takes off into the air by itself as Leah heads off to sleep.

Palmman: Should the pilot really be asleep?
Sakeena: The plane's on autopilot.
Palmman: Yeah but what if it makes a wrong turn or something?
X-Ray: I wouldn't say this should be a huge worry...
Palmman: I just wanna get to the Bermuda safe and sound, that's not too much to ask for, right?

Everyone laughs, including Leah who's still asleep. Palmman is visibly confused.

GPS System: 6 miles to the Bermuda Triangle- fzzzort

Leah suddenly wakes up, spooking Palmman.

Leah: That's the sound I've been waiting for.
Palmman: It is?
Leah: Yeah, that means...

The plane engines short out. Everyone starts screaming as Leah puts her hands up like she's on a rollercoaster ride.

Palmman: Why did I agree to this?

The plane lands on the shore of a beach. Leah rolls out of the plane unscathed, along with everyone else. Leah lights up a torch she found.

Leah: Tell me if you see any smoke monsters or polar bears. I don't want 5 seasons of this shit.
Palmman: 6.
Leah: Wow, really?
X-Ray: I see a temple in the back. Way back.
Sakeena: KILL IT!

Sakeena picks up a rock and tosses it towards the temple.

Leah: You gotta pick out the bricks of a temple to kill it. Come on, we gotta get closer.
X-Ray: I feel like something was in the water before we left.
Palmman: Right?

Leah closes in on the temple and attempts to remove one of the bricks.

Leah: This is pretty tricky... you just gotta....

Leah slaps the brick as she pulls it with her right hand. Nothing happens.

Palmman: As much as I'd like to try and kill a temple, what are we really here for?
Leah: We're here to find a flower with magical properties.
Palmman: Man... so far Bermuda's been pretty lame...

Arrow flies just by Palmman's head.

Leah: Run, the natives are here!

The group runs. Out from the bushes steps a woman in a hoodie and a shotgun. She loads a arrow in it.

Shotgun Woman: Nobody messes with the people of Airheart!

The woman examines the temple and kicks back in the brick Leah was trying to pull out. She pulls out a telephone.

Shotgun Woman: Yeah, we've got a situation on F-B? Yeah, it's that purple haired woman again. No, I don't know what her deal is.

Leah huffs and puffs as she heads towards the shore. Something rushes past her at a very fast speed and she looks into the water to see herself mouthing something. She can't read lips, so whatever this other Leah is saying isn't helpful.

Leah: Ah jeez, it's all misty now. I told you guys to tell me if there was a smoke monster.
Sakeena: Hey... where's X-Ray?
Leah: Oh god, you better not be kidding me with that.
Sakeena: No... seriously... where is she?
Leah: Goddamn it. Hey... you don't think that's...

Leah digs up a light blue dagger. She taps it.

Leah: Haha, yes!
Sakeena: What?
Leah: This is Sentelenium. The dagger blade's made out of the damn thing. It's got kind of a forcefield effect to it.
Sakeena: Ooo.

Palmman finally catches up with the two.

Leah: About time. I'm thinking the natives captured X-Ray and are going to sacrifice her to their old and false gods.
Sakeena: What makes their gods false?
Leah: Because all of them are false.

Cut to the Fan and the Enemy.

The Fan: Leah can be kind of an asshole, huh?
The Enemy: Why are we watching this again?

Leah, Sakeena, and Palmman creep up the the temple. The girl with the shotgun and hoodie has X-Ray on a stone tablet.

Leah: I TOLD you.
Palmman: Ugh, fine.

Palmman hands Leah 20 bucks.

Shotgun Woman: Leah, I can hear you. Get out of there and face me.
Sakeena: She knows you?
Leah: Well... not to brag but I'm pretty popular...
Shotgun Woman: We met like a month ago. She was attempting to take a bunch of relics from the Crash Temple.
Palmman: Who is she?
Leah: Hell if I know.
Shotgun Woman: Okay, now you're just hurting my feelings. The name is Alexandria Earhart.
Leah: Oh... right! Haha, long time no see...

Shotgun Woman shoots Leah in the shoulder with an arrow.

Sakeena: Leah!
Leah: Oh... yeah, I guess I have an arrow in my shoulder now?
Alexandria Earhart: The venom should set in 5 minutes.
Leah: Why would you tell me that? Palmman, dig it out of my shoulder. Hey, Metals, you good with knives?
Sakeena: Uh...
Leah: Catch!

Leah tosses Sakeena the knife and reflexively Sakeena turns the knife's blade into a bunch of Sentelenium orbs.

Alexandria Earhart: Ah!

One lodges into her eye. Leah grabs X-Ray and spots the rare flower just a couple of feet away.

Leah: Alright, I'll grab the flower and you guys get to the plane.
Palmman: Didn't it crash?
Leah: So?

Leah goes to grab the flower but is grabbed by a bunch of shadowy people in the bushes. She yelps as the flower drops out of reach as she's dragged away. Palmman, X-Ray, and Sakeena are all grabbed as well.

Leah wakes up with a bag on her head and strapped in a chair. Someone takes it off.

Unknown man: Sorry, that just flew on there.

Leah sees a woman on the throne in pilot's clothes.

Leah: Oh hey.
Woman on throne: Address me by my proper title, Leah.
Leah: I don't know your proper title. Where's X-Ray?
Woman on throne: Jeez, no wonder they've been calling you a nightmare. Queen Amelia Earhart.
Leah: Alright then, Queen Amelia Earfart. What's up.
Amelia Earhart: You've been here twice.
Leah: Sorry, didn't know it was illegal to steal here!
Amelia Earhart: For that, you do realize now that you must suffer the punishment you deserve?
Leah: Man... I thought you were cool but now I just see you're a pretender.

Leah leans back on her chair and starts taking out the other Earharts in the room. She slams her chair on Earheart's throne... again and again until it finally breaks.

Leah: X-Ray! Where are you?

Leah spots Sakeena and Palmman in chairs on the far edges of the room. She rolls her eyes as she goes to unfree them.

Sakeena: I saw where they took X-Ray.
Leah: Alright, lead the way Metals!
Sakeena: Gotta take a left here and then a right...

The three find themselves in a room with a spring flowing down it. Alexandria and X-Ray are holding hands as they watch the spring flow down.

X-Ray: This is an amazing spring, where did you find it?
Alexandria: It's the spring of eternal youth. It streams down to the fountain below... let me... uh. Huh.
Leah: I'm gonna kill you!
Alexandria: Not if I do it first!
Leah: No, I'm doing it first.

Leah pushes Alexandria into the spring and grabs X-Ray.

Leah: What a creep huh?
X-Ray: She seemed nice...
Leah: Yeah, that's how most people appear to you. Come on, let's get out of here. I think they have like a submarine or something.

Leah finds a World War II era submarine in the docks of the temple.

Leah: I'll be right back! You guys start the engine!
PalmMan: Ah jeez, there's so many buttons!
Sakeena: Maybe it's this switch...

The submarine releases a missile that takes down the dock. The water ripples violently.

Sakeena: Dang.
X-Ray: Oo, what about that switch?

The submarine releases a bunch of rubber duckies.

Palmman: Maybe you gotta turn the key.

Jazz music starts playing. Leah jumps into the submarine.

Leah: I knew I couldn't count on you guys to operate machinery you've never seen before. Here's how you turn the damn thing on.

Leah flips a lever and the submarine moves. The temple begins to collapse as Leah puts down a jug of water and a flower down on one of the seats. She switches the channel to play "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty.


Leah returns to the hospital and places the flower in a jug with a bunch of other flowers. She pours the water into the jug.

Leah: That eternal youth water should keep these flowers looking good. Gotta wait until Valentines Day, heh.

She slaps a post note that says "For X-Ray" and leaves the room.

Alexandria emerges from the fountain as a small child.

Alexandria: This isn't over, Leah! I'll find a way to age myself up again and when I do, you're going to regret everything you've done to the Earharts!


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