Full Name Berinda
Current Age 13
Gender Female
Species Toad
Current Status Alive
Class Good
Family and Relations
Larry Koopa (crush)
Tiarer (sister)
Rievoah (sister)
Troop Sr. (father)
First Appearance Loveshack, Baby!

Berinda is a Power Team character from Super Mario.


Berinda looks like her sisters Tiarer and Rievoah, only she wears green clothing. She has less eyelinear than her two sisters, but she also wears earrings.


Berinda is seen to be quite shy and quiet. She is also shown to be quite sneaky as seen in High on Pepsi, but does not succeed that often.

In My Idol in You, Rievoah sets up Berinda with Larry Koopa. Since then, Berinda has been seen with him a lot.