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Beorn to Die is an upcoming Fantendo - Drive series planned to release in 2017. It is starring Caoimhe, a peculiar Beorn who is looking for more answers on her past. There are five issues currently planned for the series, however it is not a definitive set list of issues. It has been expressed that Illusion Works want little to none filler content in the series, and want to focus on the big storyline throughout the whole series.


  • Caoimhe: A Beorn who has no recollection of her creation, and has therefore set off on a mission to find out how she came to exist. 


Issue 01: Explosivo

Everything kicks off with a bang.

Issue 02: In Your Head

You need delusional people in your life...

Issue 03: Freak Like Me

Making more sense of an awkward situation.

Issue 04: Cruelty

The past becomes as relevant as the present.

Issue 05: ???

All of Caoimhe's answers and more are finally revealed.


  • Beorn to Die is a play on words of Born to Die, an album and song by singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey.
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