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Beorn Reaper
A Beorn Reaper as it appears in Fantendo Origins Neo.
Full Name Beorn Reaper
Gender  ???
Location Unknown
Current Status  ???
Class Beorn Reaper
First Appearance Fantendo Origins Neo (first official appearance)
Beorn Reapers are a type of race that works under The Threat. They are a crystal-based lifeform that were sent to destroy Judges, a power that is known to belong to Beorns, hence the name. Since they are not gods but immensely powerful, Judges are usually useless against them. However, they require a lot of energy and resources to create, which means that The Threat cannot create a huge number of them.


Beorn Reapers are mostly identical. Created from hundreds of crystals and stones, they lug around a sword and a blaster attached to their bodies. They seem to lack a consciousness, only working off the hivemind that the Threat has given them to use for orders.



They appear as a late game enemy.