Beorn Android



The Beorn Androids
Full Name The Beorn Androids
Gender  ???
Location Unknown
Current Status  ???
Class  ???
First Appearance Fantendo Resort (first official appearance)
Beorn Android refers to a type of robot that would have first appeared in Fantendo Resort. It is unknown what their purpose was to the resort (likely to kill deities), but we do know that there were at least two and that they were likely formed from what remained of Unten.

They reappeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered as a foe in the story mode called Days of Shattering. They first appear in Act 3 chapter Fantendo Resort.

They made their return in Fantendo Sports Resort with a new origin. They were androids crafted by White Goddess and Elfain Seaside (who was forced to work for White Goddess) using the blood of Unten, which was stolen during Fantendo - Genesis by Rose Reaper.


The Beorn Androids look like your average Beorn from a glance. They have numbers imprinted on their heads and generally their faces look rather skull like. They also have elements of Scyplo in their design, namely the diamond shaped eye on their face. Their other resembles some what of a circular hive pattern. They also have luminescent ears and stomachs on their bodies. In their stomach, they have some kind of energy flowing inside, likely Unten's life force.



Fantendo Resort

Mostly a mystery. Unten is turned into one rather graphically in the first chapter, but the rest is a complete mystery except for chapter descriptions that describe them as some kind of force for the Resort.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered


Fantendo Sports Resort

The Beorn Androids return in Fantendo Sports Resort. They are developed as three henchmen for the White Goddess by Elfain Seaside and serve as her method of warding off other deities as the Androids are capable of performing a Descension. Later on, when Alena Carter, Jake Skett, and Amaia Azarola break into the resort, she assigns the three Beorn Androids to the secondary duty of being their "doppelgangers."

There are three in total. They retain most of their design from Fantendo Resort but each Beorn Android is designed slightly different.