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Unten, one of the most notable Beorns

Beorns are bear-like creatures, native to the Fantendoverse. Their home planet is Zeon, which blew up during the events of Tragedy (2015). The race is heavily scattered and could possibly die out at any given moment.


Beorns were supposedly created by The Fan, and given a special ability to be able to defeat deities, a privilege that is usually only given to a few individuals rather than an entire race. They were given this ability to become the "judges" of the ascension process, and defeat any deities who managed to ascend but were not considered worthy by the Beorns. The ability ended up being most effective, however, at stopping the Black God when he went on his rampages.

Most Beorns were located on Zeon, and were ruled by the Doomuli member Doomulus Grime for roughly a decade. During this time, a hero named Unten showed up and fought against Grime and his creations. Tired of fighting Unten for about three years, Doomulus Grime blew up Zeon, dooming much of the Beorn race. Many still survive, but are scattered across the universe.

A new set of Beorns were found on the underground of Earth by Unten during the events of Another One and Beorn Hallow. This race of Beorns seem to have a different biology, haling from The Spewage and do not have normal Beorn blood. Many of them are also misshaped and deformed. These Beorns are unofficially called Terran Beorns.

Notable Members

† = Deceased

Zeonian Members

Come from the original planet of Zeon.

Alternate Universes

Exist only in alternate realities.

Terran Beorns

Come from the underground of Earth. It's uncertain whether these are actually real Beorns.


Not really Beorns per say, but are heavily connected to the Beorn race.


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