Benjamin Stevenson
Untitled drawing by pierre1987-d9rv6zb
He wear orange and white sleeve shirt, with blue pants and red cherry shoes on his feet, he have brown hairs pale skin and blue eye.
Full Name Benjamin Stevenson
Current Age 16 year old
Date of Birth o2 February 2000
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Valley Town
Align Good
Current Status Single
Family and Relations
Alicia Diamond (allies and love interest),Mack Hunter (Best Friend),James Harrison (Friend and Allies),Jake Stevenson (Brother),Desmond Diamond (alicia brother and Enemy)
Main Weapon(s) Baseball bat
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Sexuality Heterosexual
Voice Actor(s)
Zac Efron
First Appearance Chaopter 1: The Adventure Begin
Latest Appearance Chapter 15:Good Vs Evil
Series Benjamin Stevenson and friends:Story of the vampires


Benjamin appear in his human town, he live with his brother they are both orphans, their parents was killed by vampires when they we're just child and they are take care by their grand parents before they died. He's very protective to his little brother, he like to ply sports, he play in a baseball league, but he was supposed to hate xthe vampires, until he meet Alicia after one of his games. He doesn't know that she's a vampire at first because she seem pratically human, but he discover her secret after hehad followed her, he also see her brother who seem to be the main antagonist of the game.

So he decided to ally with Alicia his brother and his friends, because he doesn't want desmond to win over the world, during the game Benjamin will face many enemies in his life and bosses, just before go to the real villain of the game. But he seem that he developed feeling for Alicia later, also when he fight his feeling for her grow. But it seem obvious that she also like him, but at the end of the game it seem that relationship is more developed then just friends same if she's a vampire.

But its unknow if they will again have feeling for each other, because if he appear in other game of his serie its unknow if he will have new love interest, because its unknow if he will have new adventures for the moments at the time.


Baseball Bat.

Love InterestEdit

Alicia Diamond:He first meet her during one of his game, but he doesn't that she's a vampire at first, because she seem human, until he followed her in a cave where discover the secret, he also developing feeling toward her during the game, but it seem pretty obvious that they are a couple, because the relationship seem not official.