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Developer(s) .snickedge
Publisher(s) TimeStrike
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Crimson el Roserade
Predecessor None
Successor None
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge
BeneMal is a non-canon three dimensional platforming game created for the Nintendo 3DS starring Crimson the roserade.  The game, published by TimeStrike, features lots of combat, just like in the original games, and also features a new multiple ending system which can have the player determine the fate of this particular character, be it a benevolent path or a malevolent one.  Because of dark themes and usage of minor profanity, the game has been rated T from the ESRB.

BeneMal is heavily influenced by several of .snickedge (tbc)'s major childhood games as well as a few recent games that he heavily enjoyed, and it is also a semi reboot of Crimson el Roserade, although is non canon to its timeline for the fact that it isn't really that original of a game to begin with.


The game's only fixed plot resides in the neutral path, referred to as the "BeneMal" path.  BeneMal opens up with Crimson waking up from a set of dreams relating to his older games, and falling off the branch of a tree that he happened to be sleeping on.  Landing headfirst, he took a while to recover, although the process was sped up by Frozerade.  After his consciousness was revived, he went under a loss of memory, not able to remember how to speak, how to communicate, or how to do really anything, pretty much reviving his baby self.

The player has several options at this point for Crimson, and they start off different routes, although the player is free to switch to other routes by choosing particular options.  Right after he gets up, he can choose to kill go outside and start off his neutral path, poke around the house out of curiosity and pick up a benevolent path, kill Frozerade to start off a malevolent path, or rest a bit longer, which leads to a neutral path as well.


There are several ways of ending the game's story, but below are the official endings chosen by TimeStrike.

Gained from Benevolent Routes

  • Pure Benevolence: Crimson becomes promoted from a knight to a king, and oversees the kingdom's doings, and kindly treats everyone with love and respect. A happy and peace king, he hasn't even killed off the bad guys, but rather they learned to respect him and not attack his land. Peace at last!
  • Second Degree Benevolence: Crimson becomes the hero of the land, and protects it from whatever that may be trying to get him. Sure people like Lord Garchomp are still on the loose, but Crimson can defend himself and his country rather well. The Eterna Forest sleeps with ease.

Gained from Neutrality Routes

  • Light Benevolence: Crimson helps out with Lord Tyranitar with his kingdom, being kind of like a maid.  Although he has some resent towards this, at least he doesn't do anything evil and is just a small and helpful being to all his family members.
  • True Neutrality: Crimson is still without too much memory, and hardly knows what to do by this point. He pretty much left both heroes and villains alone, and lives in harmony with whatever he has left, and lives / copes with his girlfriend Frozerade.
  • Light Malevolence: Crimson becomes slightly evil and works as an assassin for Lord Garchomp, killing those who dare near his cave.  He trains under the Silver Knight and fights off anyone who would make for a peaceful ending, but wouldn't kill children.  He's got some heart, but not an awful lot.

Gained from Malevolent Routes

  • Second Degree Malevolence: Neither kingdom is burning down, but Crimson has direct control over both, with Lord Garchomp as his second in command. Everyone tries to oppose Crimson's ruling, but they fail and are either punished or sentenced to death. Cruelty at its finest!
  • Pure Malevolence: Crimson oversees the burning Eterna Forest and Dragon's Grotto, both going down in flames as a cruel smirk strikes across the torturer's face, and he laughs with such goals being met. He has killed about everyone, and only more are to become dead from this evil monster.


BeneMal is centered on platforming action, the player should be trying to accomplish a certain goal in the level.  Different levels have different goals, and they can help switch up which route the player is taking.  Doing lighter missions will lead towards a benevolent route, doing darker missions will lead towards a malevolent route, and the player can choose to kill off certain characters or make peace with them.  Peace cannot be made with everyone though, as in certain circumstances you will have to fight the foes.

BeneMal is also about combat and skill.  As Crimson fights, he can level up and learn new skills, either on his own, from Frozerade, Lord Garchomp, or practically whoever his tutor happens to be at the time.  Certain skills can lead up to areas in levels which trigger specific and often humorous scenes.

Beyond just platforming, the player can do several other activites, including shopping for items, talking to "friends" at his current home, examining through their adventures, playing minigames, making "to-do" lists, and many more, and if the player really wants to start up romantic things they can attempt dating Frozerade or any other story-related character of the opposite gender.  The romance and other various activities can sometimes leave heavy impacts on the story.



  • Crimson: After going under absolute amnesia from his fall from the branches, Crimson woke up without even knowing that he did that.  Yes that's right, he doesn't remember a gosh darn thing!  What Crimson does is really up to the player, which can lead to cool stuff, cruelty, betrayal, love, whatever.
  • Frozerade: Crimson's really worried wife.  I mean she's usually calm and somewhat mischievous but when Crimson took that hit to the head, it must have really terrified her.  Her role is heavily dependent on what path the player chooses, she can join up with the player and do whatever Crimson chooses to do, or she can be against him shall he try to kill her.
  • The Silver Knight: A well known swordsman trained up by Lord Garchomp who serves as a rival or master to Crimson, again depending on the chosen route.  If the neutral ending is in place, the Silver Knight will directly fight the player about two thirds of the way through the story, and can be slain by choice.
  • Lord Garchomp : Either an antagonist or protagonist, on benevolent and malevolent routes respectively.  His roles are varied, ranging from wanting to overtake the Eterna Forest from Crimson's control, or train him to be like a Garchomp and dominate the opposing kingdoms.


  • Red: A small budew that is heavily assumed to be Frozerade's child, but it's not really known if that happens to be the case or not.  If the player is taking a benevolent route, he will act as Crimson's tutor.  The player can choose to kill him, which can result in a battle with Frozerade that prevents you from sparing her.
  • Dr. Gabite: The malevolent route variation of Red, she'll tutor Crimson if he chooses any naturally evil routes.  Like with Red, the player can choose to kill her, which will lead to a battle with Lord Garchomp that prevents you from sparing him.



The default location of the game and is often explored in the benevolent routes.  It's both Crimson's birthplace and the place he was protecting before he was hit with powerful amnesia or something.  A calm place with peaceful creatures and with a beautiful sky to boot!  There's not really much wrong with this summertime Sinnoh region.

In the Eterna Forest, you can find the following characters:

  • Frozerade
  • Red


The main home of Lord Garchomp and his minions and the malevolent routes' main hub area.  If visited when the player is benevolent, they will be attacked by the creatures inside and later by Lord Garchomp.  It's like a factory inside, everyone is working for a specific malicious purpose inside and Lord Garchomp ain't giving no one a break.

In the Dragon's Grotto, you can find the following characters:

  • Lord Garchomp
  • The Silver Knight
  • Dr. Gabite


BeneMal doesn't have a very large assortment of bosses, but to make up for it, each has a significant role in the game, and killing / befriending them will heavily impart the ending you achieve in the end.  For example, killing Frozerade would lead towards a more malevolent ending and prevent you from eaching a high benevolent ending.


Frozerade is a boss faced in malevolent routes and for whenever you decide to attack her ingame.  She attacks with rose attacks and tries to ensnare you in her vines.  It is actually quite easy to kill her, but keep in mind that killing her would open up paths to a malevolent ending, and would prevent a naturally good one.  If Crimson befriends her, the game continues like normal if on a benevolent route, but if the player is on a malevolent route, the malevolent level decreases.

Lord Garchomp

Killing Lord Garchomp will impact your route only slightly, by making your route more malevolent.  If you do not kill him, your route will become more benevolent, but it will be tougher to survive afterwards.  Lord Garchomp attacks with flamethrowers, claw swipes, and the feared Dragon Rage, which can knock you out in one hit if you don't counter it.  Befriending him automatically leads to the most minor malevolent route, but if you're already on a malevolent route, your route becomes slightly more malicious.

The Silver Knight

The Silver Knight is your rival in the game, and it is impossible to befriend him, meaning you have to kill him. If you are taking the pure benevolent route, your only way to keep it is to get defeated. If you kill him, the route becomes slightly more malevolent. The Silver Knight mirrors your moves all the time and makes it difficult to land a successful hit on him, unless you fake him out.


  • BeneMal was heavily inspired by the likes of Undertale and Shadow the Hedgehog, in terms of how their multiple route systems work.

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