Ben and Orge (Characters)
Full Name Ben and Orge (Characters)
Current Age Both: 9000 (Legend Years)
Date of Birth Orge: Summer

Ben: Summer

Gender Both: Male
Species Ben: Fairy

Orge: Oger

Location Forest of Happiness
Class 9th in training
Both: Legion of Heroes, Legend Heroes,
Main Weapon(s) Orge: Hammer

Ben: Wand

Ability/ies Orge Can Beanch Press 1,000,000 Legitopian Pounds (10-Earth Pounds =5 Legitopian Pounds)

Orge: Hack into Any computer, Paralise Anyone Wish Spell (Lasts 10 mins)

Vulnerable To Orge: Ticklish

Ben: Pyrophobic

Voice Actor(s)
Both: Lee Eric Etchisen
First Appearance Ben and Orge (Legend 3X000)
Latest Appearance Orge (Alpha TV Series)

Ben (Fairy House Series)

Ben and Orge (Pronounced Org) Are two best friends who jam in the forest of happiness and joy. They are the greatest pare of Buddies ever and refuse to have a falling out. They were created by Lee Eric Etchisen. They are Also Good at Fighting. While Orge takes the Smashing his enemies Gamplay. Orge takes the more strategic route and wipes out enemies AP.

The Characters


A loving and Silly Oger from the forest. He was born and raised not to raid and steal, but to love the creatures of the forest. Orge is big, 10’11inches and is still very gentle.


A nerdy Tolly fairy from the forest. He prefers to geek out and work on computers. While he plans to marry his girlfriend Lola. He is a small 5’1 guy.

Powers and Abilities

Orge is huge which gives him a height advantage.

Super Streagh Orge can Bench Press 1,000,000IBS (Legend Gravity is Different than Earth)

Indomible Spirit Orge Never Gives up

Super Intel (Ben) Ben Has an I.Q 850

Super Magic (Ben) Ben can use 1000s of spells


Ben and Orge

Ben and Orge