Welcome to my developer Ben Roderick Games Inc. is having an idea page. When everyone gives an idea and all that stuff. I don't know. Opening forever and everyday. Go to the talk page and having your idea. ==Super Mario Galaxy: The Ultimate Adventure== ====Galaxies==== ====Characters==== Mr. Poo and his Snotty Boy by Annoymous. ====Bosses==== ====Power-Ups Forms==== ====Items==== ==Games== ====Mario Games==== Mario Kart K-9 by Annoymous. ====Kirby Games==== ====Sonic Games==== ====The Legend of Zelda Games==== Magical of Zelda by Spark01. ====Other Games==== It's Mr. Pants Too! by Annoymous. ====Fan Games==== Diamond Quest by JesseRoo. ==Characters== ====Mario Characters==== ====Kirby Characters==== ====Other Characters==== ====Fan Characters==== Dr. Evil and Scotty by Micool26. Tubba the Sorbet by Annoymous. ==Galleries== ====Mario (series)==== ====Legend of Zelda (series)==== ====Kirby (series)==== ====Sonic (series)==== ====Other Series==== ====Fan Series====

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