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This page serves as the list for the Alien DNA Heroes in Ben 10: Omnitrix Outbreak; the heroes are divided up into 8 distinct factions, each with their own definitive shared traits.


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Ghostfreak Anur Phaetos Chain Flail Possesion Invisibility
Blitzwolfer Luna Lobo Shred Claw Sonic Howl Wolf Kung-fu
Snare-Oh Anur Khufos Mummy Punch Bandage Bind Spider's Web
Frankenstrike Anur Transyl Supercharged Fist Lightning Blast Storm Field
Whampire Anur Vladias Corruptura Sonic Explosion Quick Drain
Gutrot Anur Ormerow Tear Gas Volatile Shroud Knockout Cloud
Natural Form Ghostfreak
Elite Hero
Anur Phaetos Razor Claws Possesion Energy Blast


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Eye Guy Sightra Beam Shots Freeze Ray Super Eye Beam
Way Big Cosmic Storms Punch-Slam Cosmic Ray Low-Sweeping Kick
Brainstorm Encephalonus IV Chain Lightning ??? ???
Shocksquatch Pattersonea Shock and Awe Thunder Blast Electromagnetic Debris Smash
Eatle Unknown Chomp Horn Laser Power-Up
Buzzshock Nosedeen Quasar Buzzblast Quickshock Duplication
Feedback Teslavorr Quick Shot Absorb Energy Redirect
Ultimate Way Big
Elite Hero
Cosmic Storms Ultimate Slam Cosmic Disks Sky Kick


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Armodrillo Terraexcava Jackhammer Jab Drill Dig Earthquake
Lodestar Unknown Magnetic Shot ??? Magnetic Storm
Diamondhead Petropia Chainshot Crystals Gemstone Sword Crystal Ball Bowlover
Chromastone Petropia ??? ??? ???
Bloxx Polyminus Stretch Punch Hammer Slam Brick Shooters
Gravattack Keplorr Gravital Push Heavyweight Planet Power
Ben&#039;s Gravattack
Ultimate Gravattack
Elite Hero
Keplorr Superfield Graviton Storm Mini-Gravs


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Heatblast Pyros Fireball Pyronite Uppercut Superheated Ground
Swampfire Methanosia Methane Blast Vine Traps Creepy Pumpkinheaded Guys
NRG Prypiatosia Radiation Blast Containment Suit Tackle True Form
Atomix Unknown Atomic Blast Fissile Whissile Nuclear Winner
Ultimate Swampfire
Elite Hero
Methanosia Firebomb Megagrowth RoughBark


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Grey Matter Galvan Prime Knowledge is Power ??? ???
Upgrade Galvan B Laser Shot Up-Grade ???
Echo Echo Sonorosia Sonic Blast Wall of Sound Multiply
Clockwork Unknown Time Beam Wind Down Time Stop
Nanomech None Laser Sting Wasped Up Swarm-Powered
Jury Rigg Unknown Quick Assemble Weaponize Mega Pirate Mech
Techno-Bubbled Clockwork
Upgraded Clockwork
Elite Hero
Unknown/Galvan B Timechime Blast Shoulder Rockets Drill Rush


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Four Arms Khoros Punch-Up Hurricane Fists ???
Humungousaur Terradino Dino Slam Thunderous Roar ???
Rath Appoplexia Cosmic Drop! Incursean Ambassador! Sirius Butt-Kicking!
Kickin Hawk Unknown ??? ??? Flying Feathers
Green Ultimate Rath
Ultimate Rath
Elite Hero
Appoplexia Twin Incursean Ambassador! Lewodan Elbow Drop! Sirius Butt-Kicking!


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Ripjaws Pisciss Razor Claws Bite Tail Whack
Water Hazard Orisha Water Blast ??? Bubble Shield
AmpFibian Unknown AmpShock ??? ???
Arctiguana X'nelli Freeze Breath ??? ???
Ultimate articguana ben s colors by mastvid-d6wohls
Ultimate Arctiguana
Elite Hero
X'nelli Iceberg Cannons ??? ???


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Cannonbolt Arburia Rollout Whirlaround ???
XLR8 Kinet ??? ??? ???
Fasttrack Chalybeas ??? ??? ???
Ultimate Cannonbolt
Elite Hero
Arburia Iron Rollout Spinshred ???


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Wildmutt Vulpin Claws Sniff Out Dog Drool
Wildvine Flors Verdance Thornbark Slash Power Whip Fruit Bombs
Spidermonkey Arachnischimmia Leaping Arachnichimp Rainforest Trickster Web Up
Crashhopper Unknown Kick It Up Leap Attack Head Smash
Ball Weevil Microsia Plasma Gather 7-10 Split Stick-Up
Bullfrag Unknown Ribbit Hit Tongue Tie Incursean Acrobat
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Elite Hero
Arachnischimmia Heavy Hits Web Cocoon Radial Slam


DNA Hero Homeworld Attack 1 Attack 2 Attack 3
Stinkfly Lepidopterra Slime Shot Goo Blast Sting like a Stinkfly
Jetray Aeropela Lightspeed Dash Tri-Shot ???
Big Chill Kylmyys Sub-Zero Shot Silent Freeze ???
Terraspin Aldabra Whirlwind ??? ???
Pesky Dust Nemuinos IV Sleepy Dust Dream Eater Nightmare Maker
Astrodactyl Terradino Energy Whip ??? Cosmic Shockwave
Ultimate Big Chill
Elite Hero
Kylmyys Frozen Fire Freezeflame Whirlwind Stealth Shroud

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