Ben 10: Evolution is a subseries in the Ben 10 universe, set in an alternate version of events three years after after the original series.



Name Description Role
Ben Tennyson When he was ten years old, Ben found himself in possession of the Omnitrix - an alien watch that granted him the ability to morph into extraterrestrial species at will. For the past three years, he's used these aliens' fantastical abilities to fight for the safety of Earth. When he isn't trying to have a fun time, that is!

Ben Tennyson first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.
Gwen Tennyson Ben's genius yet stubborn cousin. The two have what could only be described as two-way envy - though Ben is the one with the Omnitrix, Gwen is often the more mature and respected of the two. Regardless, they get along well, and their semi-reluctant co-operation has saved their hides more than once before.

Gwen Tennyson first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.
Secondary Protagonist
Max Tennyson A retired inter-species peacekeeper, Ben and Gwen's grandfather, and an expert on both alien technology and exotic (and usually live) cuisine. He acts primarily as a mentor to his grandson, holding him back when he gets especially thickheaded and offering advice when the going gets too tough for sheer force alone to win the day.

Max Tennyson first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.
Rook Blonko A Plumber-in-training trained in the use of the multipurpose weapon known as the Prototool. Despite his open and forward mannerisms, he and Ben share a volatile relationship that combines friendship, rivalry, and mutual dislike.

Rook Blonko first appears in The Plumber's Apprentice, Part 1.
Pannique The soft-spoken daughter of Zs'Skayr and the former heiress apparent of his title of High Ecto-Lord of the Anur system. As of For Whom The Ben Tolls, she exists in the Omnitrix as its AI, as well as the DNA sample for Ghostfreak.

Pannique first appears in Heartbroken.
Omnitrix AI
Khyber A top-tier hunter that Ben teamed up with in the Null Void. They traveled together while Ben tried to catch up with his family. Khyber is cold, calculating, cruel, and immensely patient, but his time spent with Ben helps him in opening up a little.

Khyber first appears in A Living Knightmare, Part 1.
Beast Tamer
Kai Green A navajo girl that Ben developed quite the crush on when he was ten. In the past, she only really had eyes for his "Blitzwolfer" form, but she's quickly warming up to the real Ben.

Kai Green first appears in Green With Envy.
Kevin Levin A ruffian from the streets of New York, and the leader of the Amalgam Kids. Kevin has the ability to absorb various forms of energy and matter, with various results. He can even absorb energy from the Omnitrix to copy Ben's aliens, at the cost of his sanity.

Kevin Levin first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.


Name Description Role
Adwaita A geochelone aerio that is often considered to be the most powerful sorcerer in the galaxy. Once upon a time, he wielded the legendary Alpha Rune, which granted him his power, but it seems he's lost it. Even without it, though, he's the most formidable mage the Tennysons have ever faced, and can easily outclass Hex.

Adwaita first appears in Lucky Girl Begins.
Master Magician
Geochelone Aerio
Albedo Azmuth's former apprentice, and quite possibly the only one smarter and more egotistical than his master. He created his own Omnitrix, and fights against Ben to prove that his is better than Azmuth's.

Albedo first appears in The Omega Factor.
Dr Animo A disgraced evolutionary scientist who turned his unique talents towards criminal enterprises. Doctor Aloysius James Animo has made a name for himself amongst Ben's cast of recurring foes by accelerating the evolution of Earth wildlife through various means, creating monsters ranging from giant frogs to flaming bats.

Dr Animo first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.
Mad Scientist
Hex If Vilgax is Ben's nemesis, then Hex is Gwen's. He is an old and powerful magician and the uncle of the mischievous Charmcaster. Though he and Gwen have traded blows time and time again, he shows her an unusual amount of respect due to the level of her skill at such a young age. He's even offered to teach her once or twice!

Hex first appears in Lucky Girl Begins.
Maltruant A cruel chronosapien hell-bent on ruling time itself. Jason and his reality's Ben have stopped him once before during the final moments of Omega Factor, but he refuses to give up!

Maltruant first appears in A Time And A Place, Part 1.
Michael Morningstar A misogynistic "hero" who mostly uses his light-based powers and handsome face to win girls and glory. As if that wasn't awful enough, he also uses his powers to drain the energy of others, keeping himself young and powerful. He and Ben have developed a fierce rivalry.

Michael Morningstar first appears in Falling Star.
Queen Tezz-la A Nosedeemian queen taking up residence in Vegas, where she led a reign of terror and pranking that nearly destroyed the city. She earned her title through her speed - she is the fastest Nosedeemian on Earth, possibly even in the galaxy. After Ben outraces her, though, she becomes obsessed with getting faster.

Queen Tezz-la first appears in Catch Me If You Can.
Vilgax A squid-faced galactic warlord, often considered to be Ben's archnemesis due to his ruthless obsession with possessing the Omnitrix. He and Ben haved crossed swords, occasionally literally, time and time again. Each time, Ben came out on top, yet Vilgax continues to fight. He never gives up, does he?

Vilgax first appears in Knight Takes Rook.
Zs'Skayr The High Ecto-Lord of the Anur system, who rules in the only way befitting of a ghost-like ectonurite; with terror. He was originally Ben's "Ghostfreak" alien, but he escaped from the Omnitrix before seeking to possess Ben and claim the power of the Omnitrix for himself.

Zs'Skayr first appears in Heartbroken.


Name Description Role
Alan Albright A former member of Kevin's Amalgam Kids, half-human and half-pyronite. He used to be nearly completely loyal to the Amalgam Kids, but his mind was changed by an encounter with Ben and Candi, as well as the discovery that one of his parents was a Plumber.

Alan Albright first appears in Fighting Fire With Fire.
Azmuth An ancient Galvan and the creator of the Omnitrix. His ego and reclusiveness tends to get him into plenty of trouble, despite his dizzying intellectual prowess.

Azmuth first appears in The Omega Factor.
"Ben 23" Tennyson The Ben Tennyson of Dimension 23. His dimension's Grandpa Max died before he got the Omnitrix, and without his guidance, this Ben has become more of a celebrity than a superhero. He's trying to become more noble, but it's a difficult path for him...

"Ben 23" Tennyson first appears in Lucky Number.
Candi Kane A former member of Kevin's Amalgam Kids, half-human and half-gourmand. She tends to follow the Tennysons around during their summer road trip. She has all of the skills of a gourmand, right down to their "swarm gastronomy."

Candi Kane first appears in Food For Thought.
Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman And yes, that's his actual name.
Dudesman may look like a fowl candidate for titles like ace pilot and mercenary, but this duck is armed to the bill and knows how to fly better than anyone.

Captain Rad Dudesman first appears in Duck Hunt.
Jason Lennon An apprentice of Ben's from a possible future, and the wielder of a potent gauntlet-like Ultimatrix. He's capable and creative, and Ben certainly taught him well... or rather, is going to teach him well, I guess.

Jason Lennon first appears in A Time And A Place, Part 1.
Nate Thyme A former member of Kevin's Amalgam Kids, half-human and half-nemuina. A dour young man with a mischievous edge, and among the most dangerous of the Amalgam Kids due to the twisted dreamscapes he can conceive with his nemuinan powers.

Nate Thyme first appears in A Night To Forget.
Posie Bloome A member of Kevin's Amalgam Kids, half-human and half-methanosian. She is almost wholly devoted to the Amalgam Kids, unlike her best friend Alan, but Ben and company still have hope for her...

Posie Bloome first appears in Fighting Fire With Fire.


Name Description Abilities
Alien X The most powerful alien in Ben's arsenal, and a being capable of reshaping the fabric of space-time with a thought. Unfortunately, Ben isn't entirely in control of Alien X; the form is shared with Serena and Bellicus, two alternate personalities that must agree on every action.

Alien X first appears in The Value of x.
Arctiguana This cool lizard uses his icy breath to forcibly make his assailants freeze in their tracks. This ray of cold can even instantly freeze objects as hot as lava, and he can survive temperatures just as cold. He can also breath freely underwater. The bad guys better chill out! Ice Breath
Cold Resistance
Big Ben A metal man with dominion over the flow of time. Big Ben can freely pause time around him and jump to different timelines with the greatest of ease. Of course, though he has control of time, not all objects are affected by his pauses, and he doesn't have much endurance.

Big Ben first appears in A Time And A Place, Part 1.
Blitzwolfer A literal wolfman with sharp claws and even sharper senses. Blitzwolfer is the ideal alien for picking out trails that even some of the most well-trained trackers couldn't pick up. He's also equipped with a hunter's reflexes, a supersonic howl, and the key to Kai Green's heart.

Blitzwolfer first appears in Green With Envy.
Sonic Howl
Enhanced Senses
Blockade A giant made of living building blocks. Blockade can expand his body into all sorts of shapes, from walls to domes to balls, and disconnect parts of his body at will, making him a unique addition to Ben's arsenal of forms. He doesn't cope well with acids, and is fragile in general. Shapeshifting
Brainstorm A literal braniac that can generate bolts of electricity and solve difficult calculations using his massive brain. When Ben needs both physical and mental strength, Brainstorm can provide both with relative ease, but he can be rather useless when unable to concentrate. Electrokinesis
Super Intellect
Cannonbolt A hard-shelled alien that can curl into a ball to achieve incredible speeds. Additionally, while curled up, Cannonbolt's hard shell protects him from all but the most powerful attacks. He combines defense with mobility, but can be dangerously clumsy when on his own two legs. Super Durability
Super Speed
Coilcat A polecat-like alien that weasels his way into battle! His spine is both powerful and flexible, meaning Coilcat can wrap around objects like a boa constrictor, weave his long body through attacks, or turn himself into a living spring to achieve incredible height. Super Flexibility
Super Agility
Cutterfly A smaller alien with unmatched aerial mobility. While as Cutterfly, Ben is able to slice through defenses with axe-like feet or bladed wings, and flapping his wings at high speeds let's him generate powerful winds to push objects away from him. Flight
Bladed Appendages
Diamondhead A crystalline crusader, and one of Ben's sturdiest aliens. Diamondhead is made from organic crystals that he can manipulate freely. This means he can transform his arms into blades, or create walls of near-impenetrable crystal. His body can even reflect energy attacks. Crystallokinesis
Super Durability
Echo Echo A wave of living sound inside of a silicon suit. Echo Echo is capable of creating multiple copies of itself at will, and each comes with a sonic scream powerful enough to shake even the sturdiest enemies to the core. A chorus of Echo Echo copies can be devastating. Sonic Scream
Enigmire A hunch-backed reptilian with incredible night vision and a mouth nasty enough to make even the foul Acid Breath cringe in disgust. His saliva can melt steel, and he can move and breathe freely underwater. But his land movement is awkward and limping, and bright lights can blind him. Acid Spit
Water Breathing
Feedback A voltage-surfing speedster with an electrifying set of abilities. Feedback is fast and powerful, thanks to his ability to absorb energy and send it right back at the sender through multiple points on his body, including a pair of prehensile antennae and his fingertips. Electrokinesis
Energy Redirection
Four Arms The name says it all, really. Four Arms isn't just beefy; he's twice as beefy, thanks to his extra set of arms. Twice the punching, twice the lifting, twice the power... Yeah, that's basically all he does. He's really, really strong. All this text is just filler. Super Strength
Lots of Arms
Ghostfreak Ben has a shaky history with Ghostfreak. The DNA sample, Zs'Skayr, achieved awareness and escaped the Omnitrix. Now, though, Ben and Ghostfreak are in perfect harmony. Like his phantasmic namesake, Ghostfreak can fly and phase through solid matter, but he's blinded by intense light.

Ghostfreak first appears in For Whom The Ben Tolls.
Heatblast The first alien Ben ever used. This red and rocky hothead has dominion over flame itself. He can launch bursts of heat from his hands, melt steel beams with a touch, and propel himself like a rocket using jets of fire. Of course, exposure to water easily douses his flames.

Heatblast first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.
Limited Flight
Hexpress When it comes to clowning around, Hexpress is at the top of his game. This lickety-quick alien grants Ben with a rather mischievous personality, which can be quite the bane to anyone not expecting a prank or two. He can also manipulate mana to a slight degree.

Hexpress first appears in Worth The Wait, Part 1.
Super Speed
Mana Manipulation
Jury Rigg A mischief-making mechanic who breaks and repairs technology at incredible speeds. By tapping into his inner OCD, Jury Rigg can quickly disassemble and reassemble machinery to suit his needs. Though he's fast and versatile, none of his machinery is ever designed to last long. Tech Modification
Super Speed
Mitey One of Ben's new aliens. This pint-sized pugilist may not look like a mere tick, but it's tough to crush him underfoot. Using his talon-like feet, he can lock into the ground and become nearly immovable, and his strength matches that of much larger foes. Super Strength
Psyclops Psyclops isn't terribly useful at first glance. He's clumsy, and can't control his own immense strength. But by observing others actions with his immense eye, he can learn their skills and copy them perfectly with only a short pause to concentrate. Super Strength
Attack Recording
Rath Sometimes, all you need to get the job done is the right sort of temperament. Rath differentiates himself from other aliens with immense strength by being hardwired for battle. He's nimble and powerful, but is also ornery, hydrophobic, and thick-skulled.

Rath first appears in King of the Jungle.
Super Strength
Constant Anger
Rockjaw A large brute with some serious underbite and an invincible digestive system. Not only can he chew up anything, but his stomach can withstand powerful explosions without giving him any trouble. The rest of his body may not be as tough, but it's still much tougher than others'! Super Durability
Iron Stomach
XLR8 Ben's main choice when it comes to moving fast. Though he has a lot of aliens with super speed - like Hexpress, Feedback, and Jury Rigg - XLR8 is without a doubt his fastest, and the form with the most control over his intense speed. Of course, XLR8 has serious focus issues. Super Speed
Enhanced Reflexes
Way Big A giant being, born from a cosmic storm. Way Big is... well, he's way big! Not only is his strength and durability among the most of any alien, but his origin grants him the ability to fire cosmic rays by crossing his arms. Of course, being so big can be dangerous for bystanders... Super Size
Cosmic Rays


Some characters, such as Albedo and Jason, can transform into "worst-case-scenario" evolutions of their aliens using their Ultimatrixes.

Name Description Improvements
Ultimate Four Arms He's got more arms and he's even stronger. What the hell else did you expect from a guy literally just called "Four Arms," laser vision or somethin'??? Ludicrous Strength
Even More Freakin' Arms
Ultimate Heatblast Ultimate Heatblast's body is not only tougher, but it's also a miniature volcano. Along with fire, he can control and release searing lava from any point on his body. Water evaporates on contact with his skin, too, so his fire can't be doused! Lava Manipulation
Increaaed Body Temperature
Ultimate Mitey Bigger, tougher, and even more immovable than the original; Ultimate Mitey's thick carapace can withstand unimaginable amounts of force without breaking. He's still a lightweight, though, and gets knocked around easily when locked to the ground. Enhanced Strength
Thick Exoskeleton


Name Description
Worth The Wait, Part 1 The past year has been especially tough on Ben, with him needing to balance his heroic exploits with the increasing difficulty of his education; but he quickly discovers that his fourth summer vacation with the Omnitrix may not offer the respite he so desperately desires...
Worth The Wait, Part 2 Kevin Levin is back in town and, using the Omnitrix's DNA samples, has founded his own gang of half-alien ruffians called the Amalgam Kids. Ben and Gwen, newly reunited, have to work together for the first time in half a year to save Max before their summer vacation is permanently cancelled.
Food For Thought The vacation quickly takes an unexpected turn when Ben and company meet Candi Kane, a teenage Gourmand who is among several alien youths that have been targeted by the Forever Knights. But matters escalate when they learn that Candi used to work with the Amalgam Kids...
Falling Star Ben seems to have a bad habit of finding rivals in New York City. But while three years ago it was Kevin, this year it's the vain and misogynistic Michael Morningstar, a fellow hero who's quickly rising in fame. Ben is convinced that Michael is actually a villain, but Gwen and Max won't listen...
Fighting Fire With Fire The Amalgam Kids aren't going to take Candi's treachery sitting down, it seems; she and the Tennysons find themselves going up against two Amalgam Kids, Alan Albright and Posie Bloome. While Posie is adamant about the Amalgam Kids, Alan is having some serious doubts about what they're doing...
Catch Me If You Can Las Vegas is well known for its bright lights and how quickly it burns through electricity. So it's not surprising that the mischievous Nosedeemians would take up residence. But Ben, as usual, bites off more than he can chew, and is challenged by the Nosedeemian Queen to a prank-off to decide the fate of Vegas...
Heartbroken Ben gets separated from Max and Gwen after an attack by Zs'Skayr. He finds refuge with, of all people, Zs'Skayr's daughter and heiress, and the two form an unlikely friendship. One that is put to the test when Zs'Skayr returns to finish the job and get the Omnitrix in his claws once and for all.
A Night To Forget In a battle with the Amalgam Kid Nate Thyme, Max gets knocked into a seemingly endless sleep. Ben attempts to chase Nate down and add his DNA to the Omnitrix so he can revive Max, but Candi and Alan, fearing that Ben might go too far in his anger and kill Nate, attempt to catch up and stop him.
A Time And A Place, Part 1 What starts as the joy of unlocking a new alien - the time-shaping Big Ben - transforms into panic when Ben accidentally jumps into another timeline. He quickly meets his future apprentice and fellow Omnitrix-user Jason Lennon and the quirky time traveler Professor Paradox...
A Time And A Place, Part 2 The cruel chronosapien Malware has returned for vengeance on his world's Ben and Jason, but gets a lot more than he bargained for when he finds himself facing off against not just his intended targets, but also a younger Ben with some very different tricks up his sleeve.
Lucky Girl Begins With the "mysterious alien superheroes" getting into news across America, Gwen decides that, seeing how she's helping Ben so often, she'd best adopt a secret identity of her own, marking the return of Lucky Girl. And not a moment too soon, as her former nemesis Hex comes seeking sanctuary from the sorcerer Adwaita.
King of the Jungle In a battle with the Amalgam Kid Manny Armstrong, Ben accidentally unlocks the hot-tempered Rath. But things go south when he's stuck as Rath for longer than usual, and flees after convincing himself that it's a good idea to enter a wrestling tournament. Pannique takes it upon herself to track Rath down.
Smooth Delivery A delivery girl from a Mr Smoothy store gets dragged into the conflict between the Tennysons and the Amalgam Kids while serving Candi. She becomes a target in the process, and Candi, who has become quite infatuated with her, volunteers as her stoic and noble protector.
Green With Envy Ben reunites with Kai Green, a girl he had a crush on in the past, but at the time she only had eyes for his Blitzwolfer alien. To determine if Kai has changed, Ben claims that he's going out with Pannique, which doesn't end well for both a giddy Pannique and a violently jealous Kai.
The Value of x While experimenting with the Omnitrix, Ben accidentally transforms into his most powerful form yet, Alien X. But while he's debating with Serena and Bellicus about their first course of action as Alien X, Kevin Levin decides to take matters into his own hands and leads an assault on the Tennysons.
Playing Possum During his previous battle with Ben, Kevin accidentally absorbed energy from the Omnitrix and transformed into a primal amalgamate. The Tennysons and Amalgam Kids form an alliance and return to New York in search of a con artist named Argit who might know how to save Kevin.
Kevin 11 Unleashed, Part 1 Equipped with the Osmosian Emetic provided by Argit, the Tennysons and Amalgam Kids follow the destructive wake of Kevin 11 back to Bellwood, where he intends to invade the largest Plumber prison on Earth and absorb the powers of every inmate present to become ultimate.
Kevin 11 Unleashed, Part 2 Kevin achieves ultimacy and the battle is taken into the Null Void. Now, separated and stranded, everyone is racing towards the portal back to the real world before it closes and leaves them stranded. Everyone, that is, except Ben, who recovers the Emetic and seeks out Kevin.
Rehabilitation With Kevin thinking more clearly than he has in years thanks to the Osmosian Emetic, he and the Amalgam Kids decide that they could use their abilities for slightly more noble purposes, but he and Ben quickly come to an argument about where the line should be drawn on his violent practices.
Star-Crossed Ben's first transformation into Alien X caught the attention of another celestialsapien, Gemina. She sees the value of a celestialsapien with three personalities looking out for the universe, and goes out of her way to tutor Ben on how to master his incredible power.
For Whom The Ben Tolls Ever since his previous encounter with Ben, Zs'Skayr has been hell-bent on retrieving his daughter Pannique and punishing her severely for her traitorousness. This culminates with Pannique making the ultimate sacrifice, and the melancholy return of Ghostfreak as a direct result.
Duck Hunt The Tennysons are joined in their battle against the ruffian Vulkanus by a trigger-happy duck named Rad Dudesman. But it quickly turns out that Rad intends to bring Vulkanus in dead rather than alive, and the Tennysons must find a way to keep Dudesman on their side but keep Vulkanus breathing.
Lucky Number Ben once again finds himself wrapped up in cross-timeline business. This time, though, a numerical alignment and an encounter with Eon sends him to the world of Ben 23, where he works to mend the broken relationship between the Ben and Gwen of this timeline while fending off Eon.
The Omega Factor A battle against Animo results in the DNA stored within the Omnitrix becoming mutated and fused with other samples, resulting in aliens trading abilities or gaining new ones. While they wait for Azmuth to come and fix this, Ben struggles to defeat Animo in spite of his "randomized" aliens.
The Plumber's Apprentice, Part 1 During a stop by the Plumber base in Mount Rushmore, Ben and Gwen are joined in their summer vacation by Rook Blonko, a by-the-book feline that wears his heart on his sleeve. Max hand-picked Rook for apprenticeship hoping that he and Ben would get along well, but their partnership is strained.
The Plumber's Apprentice, Part 2 TBA
Mirror, Mirror During Azmuth's brief visit to fix the mutation glitch earlier, his apprentice Albedo studies the Omnitrix, creates his own one, and runs away. Now, maddened by power and ego, he is working on an "Ultimatrix" in preparation for a fight to prove his Omnitrix is superior to Azmuth's.
The Speed of Lightning The Nosedeemian queen from Vegas, Tezz-la, makes an unlikely deal with the Forever Knights - her people's assistance for a boost in speed. And though she achieves the incredible speed she desires, she is forced into cooperating with the Tennysons when the Forever Knights double-cross her.
Lucky Girl Rises TBA
Knight Takes Rook Rook is captured by the Forever Knights during an encounter with them. While Ben and company plan their rescue strategy, Rook manages to free himself from his prison cell with the help of Vilgax, of all people, and makes some very unnerving discoveries about the Knights' plans.
A Living Knightmare, Part 1 Ben is trapped in the Null Void following an encounter with the Forever King himself. During his time there, he bonds with the cold hunter Khyber, and together, the two seek passage out of the Null Void to seek revenge on the ones responsible for wrongfully trapping them.
A Living Knightmare, Part 2 TBA
The Craziest Catch During their search for their respective allies, Ben and Khyber get distracted by an anonymous aristocrat offering a bounty on the one that can capture the elusive "cryptid" Xing-Xing. Though Ben is skeptical about the creature's existence, they need the money, so Khyber accepts the challenge.
End of the Hunt Ben and Khyber finally catch up with Gwen and company, but their partnership is put to the test when Max reveals Khyber's history of savagery and cruelty to Ben. They attempt to go their separate ways, but yet another encounter with the Forever Knights forces them into cooperating one last time.
Checkmate, Part 1 TBA
Checkmate, Part 2 TBA
Three's a Crowd, Part 1 An unlikely alliance forms between four villainous minds - Vilgax, Albedo, Animo, and the mask-wearing V.V. Argost - with their goal being the creation of an Omnitrix to surpass Ben's. But their actions bring Ben into the company of two new allies, the runaway "EVO" Rex Salazar and the young cryptozoologist Zak Saturday.
Three's a Crowd, Part 2 TBA
Three's a Crowd, Part 3 TBA


  • Like Ben 10: Omega Factor and its successor, Evolution is set in a timelime separate from the main series.
    • An inter-timeline crossover between these two series is planned in the form of the two-part A Time And A Place. During the events of this episode, Ben learns of the Ultimatrix's existence and inadvertently scans a new alien from Jason - Timberhead, which he names Enigmire.
    • Because of the difference in timelines, there are several small alterations. For example, the alien called Bloxx in the main series is named Blockade in Evolution, because Bloxx is "a terrible name" (Monstermanchego (tbc)), and the alien called Clockwork in the main series is named Big Ben in Evolution, because "it was a missed opportunity" (also Monstermanchego (tbc).
    • The origin of the Omega Factor's namesake Omegatrix is also given an explanation in the episode The Omega Factor.
  • Some episode ideas are inspired by suggestions from or conversations with Darth Phazon (tbc). These episodes currently include: Catch Me If You Can, A Time And A Place, Part 1, A Time And A Place, Part 2, and the majority of the episodes during the "Forever Knights" arc of the series.

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