Can't a whale get some peace and quiet around here?
Beluga, Hooves 2: The Secret of the Shrine

Beluga is a talking, water-powered beluga whale from the Hooves series. Beluga is friends with Hooves and Giraffey and is cousins with Ray. He is about 37% as strong as Hooves, but his powers keep on growing and getting stronger. His martial arts moves are: Tsunami, Wave, Water Jet, Aqua Blast, Tail Whip, Body Slam, and Tackle.


Beluga is a somewhat sassy character, but only when he's angered. His personality is more like Sonic's than anyone else's, like Hoove's is to Knuckles and Giraffey's is to Tails's. But, on the heroic side of things, Beluga is not so strong.

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