"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 9: Fall of the Bells

[Theme that plays: ]

{Katey's Office, 11:38AM, Foodelo}

Dawna goes over to Katey's computer and steals the information that Foodelo needed, she then puts a virus in the computer.

"Heheh, she'll defiantly get fired with this mess up." Said Dawna to herself.

She then leaves out the office, completing her task.

{Main Hall Room, Foodelo, 11:45AM}

"Ok, everyone, this is it, you all may return to your jobs, and thank you for your time." Said Justice to everyone.

Chain goes back to his office and so does Katey, back at Justice's office.

{Justice's Office, Foodelo, 11:50AM}

Dawna and Justice are seen talking about the evil trick they did to Katey's computer.

"So, did you do it?" Asked Justice.

"Yes, her computer is completely wiped out, she'll be devastated when she finds out but oh well." Replied Dawna.

"Very good, very good indeed, I'm glad for this fact." Said Justice.

[Theme ends]

{Katey's Office, Foodelo}

[Theme that plays: ]

Katey goes to turn on her computer.

"Hmm? *Pushes computer button but it won't turn on* whats wrong with this thing?" Asked Katey in her mind.

Chain goes up to Katey's office.

"Katey I wanted to ask you tha-" Said Chain but stopped after he saw that Katey's computer was not working.

"Chain, my computer is jammed, and I had important information, this is not good." Said Katey.

"What did you do to it?" Asked Chain.

"Nothing, I did nothing to it, when I came back from the meeting it was already like this." Replied Katey.

Dawna and Justice come into Katey's office to check up on her.

"What's this?, Chain what are you doing here you are suppose to be in your office." Said Dawna.

Justice then looks at Katey's computer.

"What is wrong with your computer, Katey?" Asked Justice.

"I really don't know Justice, it broke down or something." Replied Katey.

"YOU FOOL!" Yelled Dawna.

"Kito Franco will fire you for this." Added Dawna.

Katey is impacted, Chain goes to her defense.

"Hey wait, but it was not her fault." Said Chain.

"Both of you will get fired for this." Said Dawna.

[Theme ends]

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