"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 8: Trail of Lies and Blind of Grains

[Theme that plays: ]

"Alright, I'll be there, did you tell this to Katey?" Asked Chain.

"Yes I did." Replied Dawna.

"Ok, you may leave now." Said Chain.

Dawna leaves his office, he gets ready to head on down to the main hall room.

{Katey's Office, 10:20AM}

"Hmm, I wonder why, Dawna just came to inform me that Justice was to arrive, which is nothing important." Said Katey in her mind.

{Lobby, Foodelo, 10:40AM}

Justice then appears.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"So I want all the main workers here at the main hall room on the double." Said Justice to the Receptionist.

"Oh sure, they should all be here soon, in the mean time, go and head on over to the main hall room." Said Receptionist Reliba.

"Fine, but make sure they are not late." Said Justice and leaves to Main hall room.

Just then, Chain, Dawna and a few others appear at main hall room, the only one missing is Katey.

{Main Hall Room, Foodelo Industries, 11:00AM}

Justice looks at everyone.

"Where, is Katey?" Asked Justice.

"Sir, I have no idea, she should have been here." Explained Dawna.

Chain looks worried.

"Well then, I guess this is a fault in her part for not arriving." Said Justice.

Just then, Katey arrives.

"Sorry I'm late, I was busy with some recipes." Said Katey.

"Oh...thank goodness, your finally here." Said Justice.

Dawna leaves the room to go to her office.

[Theme ends]

{Dawna's Office, 11:30AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

She calls Justice on his cellphone, point of view changes to Justice.

"Oh hold on everyone, I have a call, let me leave the room for a few minutes. " Asked Justice in Main hall room.

He then leaves outside the hall room to answer the call.

"Yes? Dawna?" Asked Justice[On Phone]

"Make sure you keep everyone in the main hall room, meanwhile I go to Katey's office to steal a recipe, running her out of her job." Said Dawna[On Phone]

"Ok, make sure you do everything right, I need her out once and for all." Said Justice and hangs up he steps back inside Main hall room.

"So where was I, ah yes, our income tax." Explained Justice.

Dawna heads off to Katey's office.

[Theme ends]

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