"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 7: Mist

[Theme that plays: ]

"Ok, I could do that, thank you Dawna." Said Katey.

"Oh, no problem." She Replied.

Dawna turns and looks at Chain.

"Now, now, you must get back to work as well, lets go Chain." Said Dawna.

"Yes, your right." Said Chain.

"I'll see you later, Katey." Said Chain.

"Ok, bye." Said Katey.

Then, Chain and Dawna leave downstairs.

{Later.. In Chain's Office, 2nd Floor, Foodelo Industries, 9:30AM}

Chain sat in his office chair organizing papers.

"My, my this is so much." Said Chain to himself.

Back at the house...

[Theme ends]

{Living room, House of the Grantono}

Justice is about to leave to the Foodelo job, but gets a call.

[Theme that plays: ]

"Hello?" Said Justice[On Phone]

"Its me, Dawna, I think we have heavy problems." Said Dawna[On Phone]

"Why do you say that?" Asked Justice[On Phone]

"Well, Katey came to work, here and I had no other choise but to let her stay." Replied Dawna[On Phone]

Justice is impacted and mad, he throws the phone to the wall breaking it.

"DAMN IT, DAMN IT, That insolent girl, I need to do something to get rid of her." Yelled Justice in anger, Dawna was wondering how Justice took the news.

{Foodelo, Katey's Office, 9:58AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Katey gets a recipe and saves it.

"Wow, this job is not easy, but oh well." Said Katey to herself.

Dawna walks into Katey's office.

"Sweety, do you need help with anything?" She asked.

"Oh, nono, I'm ok Dawna." Replied Katey.

"But anyways, I just wanted to inform you and Chain that Justice will be here anytime now." Said Dawna.

"Oh, alright." Replied Katey.

"So, I'll just go now, to inform Chain." Explained Dawna and leaves.

Dawna then goes to the office of Chain.

"Hmm? Yes Dawna what is it?" Asked Chain.

"I am here to inform you, that Justice will arrive soon." Said Dawna

"And?" Asked Chain.

"Well all main workers are to report to the Main Hall Room that is located in the lobby area to hear his speech." Said Dawna.

[Theme ends]

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