"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 5: Border of Truth

[Theme that plays: ]

{New York City, Airport, 7:50AM}

Katey arrives and she gets out of the airport to go to the Granrono house.

{Granrono House, Outside}

Katey knocks on the door, Chain goes downstairs to open it.

"Katey, finally your here! *Hugs her* Well come on in silly." Said Chain.

She walks on in, they both go to sit down at the kitchen table.

{Kitchen Table, Granrono House, 8:15AM}

"So, like, yes I finally came it took about 3 hours, the plane was slow for some reason." Explained Katey.

"Well all that matters now is that you are here already." Said Chain.

Katey was happy.

"Aww thanks." She said.

Just then, Justice comes down stairs.

"Hmm? who are you?" Asked Justice.

"I'm-" She is interrupted by Justice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Chain!" Yelled Justice.

"I thought I told you, no one else is able to come to this house? NO ONE!" Yelled Justice.

"But, I just brought her, its my house too no?" Asked Chain.

Justice felt unwilling, but he had to act ok in order to take full control over Chain.

"Ok, I'm sorry I overreacted, it was foolish of me." Said Justice in shame.

"Its, ok." Replied Chain.

"So...whats your name missy?" Asked Justice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"My name is Katey...Katey De Los Montesinos." She replied.

"Well my name is Justice Vintoban del Banos, but I am mostly called Justice Vintoban or Justice, you can call me Justice all the time." He said.

"Oh sure, and you may call me Katey." Replied Katey.

After that, Justice went back to his room and left Chain and Katey alone.

"I'm sorry for all that happened Katey." Apologized Chain.

"Nah, It's ok, no big deal." She said.

"I truly don't know why he acted like that, he's never done that before, or at least...not in front of me." Said Chain with worry.

Chain then takes Katey up stairs to give her a room.

[Theme ends]

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