"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 40: Ignorance Till the End

{House of the Vintoban, Living Room, 1:40PM}

[Theme that plays: ]

"Well then, lets go look for Justice, we have to clear this up once and for all." Said Mariah.

"Where is the nearest Hotel around here?" Asked Randy.

"I think its, Capeto Hotel, we should go there." Said Chain.

"Yes, lets go confront Justice and end this once and for all." Added Chain.

"Come on then." Said Mariah.

"Theres a cab outside lets take it to the hotel." Suggested Randy.

They take the cab to the Capeto Hotel, which is near the house, and arrive at the hotel, Chain asks if Justice Vintoban is there.

{Hotel Capeto, Lobby Area}

"Hello, sorry but um, is Justice Vintoban here?" Asked Chain.

"No, I'm sorry." Replied Jordana.

Mariah gets an idea.

"What about a Justice Viewer?" Asked Mariah.

"Yes, he is on the 5th floor, room 550." Replied Jordana.

The trio then proceed to go upstairs.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

{Justice's Room, Hotel Capeto, Outside the door}

Chain knocks waiting for Justice to open the door, Justice goes to open it, unknown to the fact that its Chain.

"Justice, explain to me what were your reasons to do such evil deeds?" Asked Chain as him, Mariah and Randy enter the room.

Justice is shocked at their, sight.

"I....I.....get out, get out of my room now!" Yelled Justice.

"No, not in till you explain why you did that to me." Said Chain.

"Yes, Justice why?" Added Randy.

"That was cold hearted of you, putting your cousin in jail." Said Mariah.

"SHUT UP!" Yelled Justice.

Mariah and Randy are shocked at Justice's sudden mood change.

"YOU TWO DON'T KNOW MY PAIN!" Yelled Justice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I was never loved or liked or was even as important as Chain, he was the center of everything." Yelled Justice.

"Thats not true, you were also very cared about, you just were envying me for no logical reason." Explained Chain.

Randy looks for something important that Justice might be hiding in the room, he looks under the bed and finds papers.

"LET GO OF THAT!" Yelled Justice.

Randy reads them and is absolutely impacted.

"C...C...Chain, this is your fortune, you have a fortune, your parents left you." Said Randy.

"Oh my god, and Justice was hiding it all this time, wasn't he?" Asked Mariah.

"It looks that way." Replied Randy.

"J..Justice, how could you be so, evil and messed up?" Asked Chain.

Justice takes out his gun.

[Theme ends]

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