"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 4: Secret Lies

[Theme that plays: ]

They arrive at their new house.

{Granrono House, 12:00PM, Living Room}

"So this is our house now, Chain." Said Justice.

"Wow, its very nice, I like it." Commented Chain.

"Well then, would you like me to take you to your room, or would you like to go on your own?" Asked Justice.

"No, I'm ok, I could go pick out a room on my own don't worry." Replied Chain.

"Ok go on, I'll be right here." Said Justice.

Chain goes to his room, its on the 2nd floor of the house.

{Granrono, Chain's room, 12:25PM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Chain's room is empty but he begins to fill it up with different kinds of stuff like his stuff.

"Oh man, this room is big as well, I wonder how I should set everything up." He said to himself.

At Justice's room.

{Granrono, Justice's room, 12:35PM}

Justice sat on his chair looking at the window.

"My, my, this house is nice and all, but to be able to control Chain will not be easy." Said Justice to himself, while he drinks his glass of wine.

He later goes down to the living room.

[Theme ends]

{Living room, Granrono}

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice sees Chain, setting on the sofa watching TV.

"Chain, I was thinking, maybe you could find a job for me at your job?" Asked Justice.

"Oh, well I'm not sure, but yes I can ask my boss she might let me." Replied Chain.

"That's perfect, please do so, Chain." Said Justice.

They continued to watch TV, till night fell.

{Chain's Room, 8:00PM}

Chain makes a call to LA.

"Katey?, hi Katey I was wondering would you like to come live with me and my cousin in New York?" Asked Chain[On Phone]

"Oh, well of course silly, when would you want me there?" Asked Katey[On Phone]

"Well tomorrow if thats fine with you, bring all your stuff if you'd like to." Said Chain[On Phone]

"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow, have a good night Chain." Said Katey and hangs up.

Chain then went to sleep awaiting the new day.

[Theme ends]

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