"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 37: Unmasked Justice

[Theme that plays: ]

{House of the Vintoban, Living Room, 9:30AM}

Chain and Beatrice arrive, Mariah and Randy meet her.

"Hello, I'm Beatrice, nice to meet you two." Said Beatrice.

"Oh hi, I'm Mariah." Said Mariah.

"And I'm Randy." Added Randy.

"Well anyways, Beatrice said she had something important to tell me." Explained Chain.

"Do you want us to leave you two alone?" Asked Mariah.

Beatrice interrupts.

"Yes, please can you?" Asked Beatrice.

"Alright, we will be upstairs then." Said Randy, and then him and Mariah leave upstairs.

Chain and Beatrice begin to talk.

"So, go ahead." Said Chain.

"Alright." Replied Beatrice.

"Well, I have known, Justice Vintoban, or Justice Viewer, as his new name is, for a long time." Explained Beatrice.

"Justice changed his last name?" Asked Chain.

"Yes, he did, I think it was about a month ago." Said Beatrice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"So he was the one who kicked you out the house, and lives there?" Asked Chain.

"Yes, thats right." Replied Beatrice.

Chain is impacted.

"And why did he do that?" Asked Chain.

"It was because, I wanted to live there with him, I love him." Said Beatrice.

Chain feels sorry for Beatrice.

"But, thats all gone now, after he rejected me so badly, now I hate him with all my heart." Said Beatrice.

"Well, if it is how you feel then that is ok." Explained Chain.

"Now, I am here to tell you something that will change the way you think of Justice." Stated Beatrice.

Chain is in shock, wondering what that might be.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Which is?" Asked Chain.

"Remember the framing many years ago, at your very first and old job?" Asked Beatrice.

Chain is bothered, by that memory, but replies.

"Yes, I remember, how did you know that?" Asked Chain.

"I helped, Justice, to frame you that very day." Confessed Beatrice.

Chain is impacted to the max, and gets up and off the sofa and stands and looks at Beatrice with disbelief.


"Me, Zatron, helped him calculate everything, to make sure you end up in jail, he was the one to disguise himself as a worker there, and quickly kill Victoran." Said Beatrice.

Randy and Mariah come downstairs at the sound of the yelling.

[Theme ends]

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