"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 35: Mimic of Lies

[Theme that plays: ]

A little later, Justice also arrives at LA airport.

{LA Airport, Lobby, 8:00AM}

Justice gets out of the plane and sits on the chairs in the lobby to clear his thoughts.

"Well, with all this money, I'll finally be powerful and not below Chain anymore." Said Justice in his mind.

He then gets up and walks out of the airport and goes back to Karla's house.

{Karla's House, LA, 8:10AM}

He then thinks, and changes the name of the house to Viewer, as well as his name.

"Hi, I'd like to address myself as Justice Viewer, how much would that be?" Asked Justice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Well, at least 800$." Replied the Accountant.

"Can I send a check?" Asked Justice.

"Yes, you may." Said the Accountant.

"Alright thank you, and when will this take affect?" Asked Justice.

"In a week." Replied the Accountant.

Justice then hangs up and goes to his room, he goes to sit on his bed and looks out the window.

"Finally, all my dreams are coming true." Said Justice to himself.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Then, Justice hallucinates again, he sees, Dawna, Katey and Kito in front of him.

"KILLER, KILLER, KILLER!" They yelled to him.

"NO, GET AWAY, YOU.....YOU...YOU ALL MADE ME DO IT!" Yelled Justice and covers his ears, closes his eyes and turns away from them.


Justice breaks down onto the floor crying from the terror.

"STOP IT! GET AWAY, YOU ARE ALL DEAD, GET AWAY FROM ME." Justice yelled at them, and he throws a lamp at them, which breaks on the floor since there isn't anybody really there.

"I..t...its just...a hallucination, calm down Justice, get a hold of yourself." Said Justice to himself and looks at all directions in horror of them returning.

[Theme ends]

{House of the Vintoban, LA, 8:30AM, Living room}

[Theme that plays: ]

The trio sat on the sofa.

"I'm so glad we are back, this house is so much better then a hotel." Said Randy.

"Yes, its definitely more cosy." Stated Mariah.

"I think we have had a good time in San Fran anyways, I thought it was about time we returned." Said Chain.

They all laughed and were happy about their return, then 3 weeks pasted.

[Theme ends]

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