"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 33: New Doubts

[Theme that plays: ]

{Chicago, Hotel, 3:00PM, Karla's Room}

"Karla, we did awesome work." Said Justice.

"Yes, we finally have the money all to our selves." Said Karla.

"Let us celebrate with champagne, I'll go get it." Said Justice.

Justice goes into the kitchen and gets two wine cups and pours champagne in both, he then gets a little bag of venom from the cabinet and pours the venom into champagne and mixes it well so Karla won't notice.

"Here Karla." Said Justice as he comes out of the kitchen.

"Thank you." Replied Karla and drinks it, Justice makes a smirk.

He then thinks in his mind, "The venom won't kill her in the moment, but at night, she'll be out of this world."

"Well, Karla, I'm going back to my room, tomorrow we'll go back to LA, ok?" Asked Justice.

"Yes, of course." Replied Karla.

Justice leaves to his room.

{Beatrice's Suite, Hotel, 3:30PM}

"Beatrice, we have to make sure, Justice gives us the money no matter what." Said Zatron.

"I know, he said he'll give it to us, so don't worry." Explained Beatrice.

Justice comes in.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Here, is your side of the pay *gives a bill of 10,000 $*" Said Justice.

"What?, we deserve more then that." Exclaimed Zatron.

"Well to bad!" Yelled Justice.

"Take it if you want, I'm not giving you any more." Added Justice.

Zatron gets angry.

"You bastard, you lied to us." Yelled Zatron.

"No, I did not, I gave you what we agreed, don't even think about alerting police, because both of you would go to jail for assisting me, so if I were you, I'd shut up." Said Justice, and leaves the room, slamming the door close.

"SEE? I TOLD YOU, BEATRICE!" Yelled Zatron.

"Well, there isn't anything else we can do but just use what we have now." Said Beatrice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"NO, we have to get revenge somehow, wait, I got it!" Said Zatron.

"What are you thinking?" Asked Beatrice.

"Lets tell Chain Vintoban, what kind of swine his cousin is." Suggested Zatron.

"About the framing many years ago?" Asked Beatrice.

"Yes, that and about his fortune." Said Zatron.

[Theme ends]

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