"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 32: San Francisco Times Part 2 of 2

[Theme that plays: ]

The trio continue to talk.

"I am having a good time." Said Chain frustrated.

"No, your not, we just want to know why you are know bothered." Clarified Randy.

Chain gets out of his chair.

"Just, for get it, let me go back to the hotel, I..I don't feel well." Said Chain and leaves out the restaurant in hurry.

Mariah and Randy are worried about Chain.

"*Sigh*, Why wont Chain just tell us what's bothering him?" Asked Mariah.

"Well, it might be the town or just the fact of being far from his hometown." Suggested Randy.

{Chain's Suite, Hotel, 1:30PM}

Chain sits on a chair near his bed.

"Why, why did we have to come here, for what reason, there was no true reason to come here." Said Chain in his mind.

He then gets up, and makes a phone call to Justice, who he assumes is in LA.

"Hmm, thats weird no answer." Thought Chain.

[Theme ends]

{Chicago Bank, Chicago, 2:00PM}

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice, Karla, Beatrice and Zatron, arrive at the bank to get the fortune, Justice walks over to one of the employs.

"Hello, I am Chain Vintoban and I am here to claim the fortune of my parents." Said Justice.

"Do you have any proof that you are Chain?" Asked the Banker.

Beatrice buts in.

"Yes, I am his attorney, he has the right to that fortune as well as a witness, Karla." Explained Beatrice.

"That's right, I was his friend and knew about this fortune when his parents gave it to him, but not in till he was 20." Said Karla.

"As well as, that you, the Banker don't have the right to deny it, because in the papers it said 'The one who claims is Chain Vintoban, can not be refused the fortune.', there for you must give it to Chain." Added Zatron.

The Banker is convinced and hands over the paper that is in control of all that money to Justice.

"Thank you for your time." Said Justice and leaves with the others out of the bank.

[Theme ends]

{San Francisco, Hotel, Chain's Room}

[Theme that plays: ]

Mariah and Randy arrive in Chain's room.

"Chain, we will return to LA tomorrow ok?" Asked Mariah.

"But..didn't you two want to go to Chicago?" Asked Chain.

"Yes, but your well being, is far more important." Replied Randy.

Chain feels, a bit guilty.

"No, if you two wanted to go to Chicago, then go ahead." Said Chain.

[Theme ends]

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