"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 31: San Francisco Times Part 1 of 2

[Theme that plays: ]

{Trail Station, San Francisco, 12:00PM}

The train finally arrives in San Francisco, and the trio get out and take a cab to a hotel.

{Francis Hotel, 12:20PM, Lobby}

Chain goes to the receptionist and asks for 3 rooms to stay in.

"Yes, here are your keys." Said Outer.

"Thank you, so the rooms are, 202, 204 and 205, on floor 2?" Asked Chain.

"Yes, you may go ahead." Replied Outer.

So then, the trio went up to the 2nd floor and into their rooms to unpack stuff, after that they all met up in Chain's room.

{Chain's Suite, Room 202, Floor 2, 12:40PM}

"So like, what should we do today?" Asked Mariah.

"I think we should go to different restaurants and stuff like that to talk." Suggested Randy.

"Whatever you'd guys like, is fine by me." Replied Chain.

"Are you sure?" Asked Randy.

"Yes, I am, don't worry, if you two want to do something in particular thats ok." Said Chain.

Mariah thought that Chain is probably homesick.

"Well do you want to come with us?" Asked Mariah.

"Yes, I would." Replied Chain.

"Al-righty then, lets go." Said Randy.

The trio then go to the lobby and exit out, they deiced to go to a restaurant, for a little while to have lunch.

[Theme ends]

{Restaurant of Bintojo, San Francisco, 1:00PM}

[Theme that plays: ]

They enter the nearest restaurant and are impacted at how big it is.

"WOW, this place is cool!" Said Randy.

"Lets find a table." Suggested Mariah.

"Yes." Also said Chain.

So they find a table and sit down, they all place an order and begin to talk.

"Ok, so, anything we should know about, Chain?" Asked Randy.

"No, I don't have anything important to say." Replied Chain.

"But, we see something is bothering you, Chain." Stated Mariah.

"No, thats not true, its just I miss my house thats all." Said Chain.

"But we came here, for a little vacation of some sort." Said Mariah.

"Yes, and we want you to have a good time Chain." Added Randy.

[Theme ends]

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