"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 30: Cruel Intentions

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice, Beatrice and Zatron, are still talking in the room.

"Well, I am glad, you two will help." Said Justice.

"Of course, as long as we get some of that money, we would indeed help." Stated Zatron.

"Don't worry I am willing to give you that money." Replied Justice.

"Well then, Justice, when would we meat you at the bank?" Asked Beatrice.

"In 3 days, just in 3 days I'll call you, but make sure you have everything ready by that time." Explained Justice.

"Oh, when have we ever failed you, Justice?" Asked Beatrice.

"Your right." Replied Justice and leaves out the room.

"Justice, always thinking of evil things." Said Beatrice.

"Yes, he's always hated his cousin, for no real reason in my opinion." Said Zatron.

"That framing he did to him, years ago, it was so cold hearted." Stated Beatrice.

{Karla's Suite, room 305, 10:56AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice arrives at Karla's room and begins to tell her his plans.

"So I thought, to get some help from my old crime helpers." Explained Justice.

"Who are they?" Asked Karla.

"Beatrice and Zatron Contemonte." Replied Justice.

"And what will they help you with?" Asked Karla.

"To get, Chain's fortune." Replied Justice.

"Well, thats good, if it'll make things easier." Said Karla.

"Yes, it will, I must see Chain, ended." Said Justice and leaves Karla's Room.

Karla thinks to herself and says, "Wow, Justice is changing, he seems to be way too obsessed with destroying his cousin."

{Justice's Suite, Room 304, 11:00AM}

Justice goes to his bed and lays there.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I must, I have got to get all that money, it must be mine ALL MINE!" Yelled Justice to himself and gets out of bed and walks to the sofa.

"Hehehe, Ch...Chain, I'll steal all that is yours you'll see." Said Justice to himself.

Just then, Justice begins to hallucinate and sees Dawna in front of him.

"Killer, KILLER!" Yelled Dawna.

Justice turns away from her.

"NO, NO I...I YOU DESERVED TO DIE!" Yelled Justice.


"SHUT YOUR MOUTH, *grabs his cup of water and throws it at her* GET AWAY!" Yelled Justice.

The cup hits the wall, as it was never Dawna and was only a hallucination, of Justice.

"Oh...oh god, I...I just need some rest...thats all..YES...only some rest." Said Justice to himself and goes back to his bed.

[Theme ends]

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