"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 3: Justice's Stage

{5 Months Later...}

[Theme that plays: ]

For all these months Justice has been regaining money, a job and looking for Chain, he is ready to put his plan into action.

{Expresso Hotel, 10:45AM, Lobby}

"Hello, do you know if Chain Vintoban lives here?" Asked Justice.

"Ah yes, his suite is 3382, its on the 8th floor." Replied Randy.

"Ok, thank you very much." Said Justice and leaves to the 8th floor.

{Expresso Hotel, Chain's Suite(Outside of door)}

"Wow, this place is a very nice hotel, but he won't be staying here anymore thats for sure." Thought Justice in his mind.

Justice knocks on the door, Chain goes to open it.

"Oh? And you are?" Asked Chain.

"Don't you remember me?" Asked Justice.

"No, I don't who are you?" Again asked Chain.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"I am Justice Vintoban, your cousin." Replied Justice.

Chain was impacted, but was happy to see his cousin after so long.

"Oh my, HI JUSTICE!" Yelled Chain.

Chain invited him into the room and they talk for quite a long while.

"So anyways, I bought a house for us to live in, I mean this hotel is too much money, really." Said Justice.

Chain was unsure.

"But, I liked this hotel, and I really got used to living here." Commented Chain.

"Well, too bad, your coming with me and thats final Chain." Said Justice.

Chain was sad, but he thought it would be better than using up so much money where he lives now.

"Ok, fine, but if it does not work out, then I'll have to come back." Said Chain.

"Alright don't worry you'll love it." Said Justice.

Chain got all his stuff ready to leave, and so the two went down to the lobby to check out of the hotel.

"So, Randy, I guess this is it, I'm moving out *Gives suite keys* it was nice knowing you ok?" Said Chain.

"We will all miss you, Chain but don't worry I'm sure you'll do fine in your new house." Replied Randy.

Justice looks at Chain.

"Chain, hurry up please we need to go." Said Justice.

"Ok, I'm coming." Said Chain.

They both finally get out of the hotel and go to their new house.

[Theme ends]

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