"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 29: Wrong Bouts

[Theme that plays: ]

{Chicago Airport, 9:00AM, Lobby}

Karla and Justice are seen, with their suitcases, as they exit the airport and take a cab, to the city.

{Chicago City, Hotel of Tranto, 9:20AM, Lobby}

They enter the hotel, to make reservations, to stay for a week.

"Hello, we'd like two suites please, for a weeks worth?" Asked Justice.

"Oh sure, here are your keys, and both your rooms are on floor 3." Said Fransa.

"Well, Justice, lets go." Said Karla.

Justice and Karla, take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and both go to their rooms.

{Justice's Suite, Room 304, 9:30AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice decides to make a call.

"Hi, its, me Justice." Said Justice[On Phone]

"Ah, well, I didn't think you would call, ever again after that "event" we provoked." Replied the women[On Phone]

"Well, Beatrice, I need your assistance once more, both yours and Zatron." Said Justice[On Phone]

"Sure, what do you want?" Asked Beatrice[On Phone]

"Your still in Chicago right?" Said Justice[On Phone]

"Yes, in the Hotel of Tranto." Replied Beatrice[On Phone]

Justice was impacted, because both of them were here, in the hotel, it was perfect for him.

"But, like what room and floor?" Asked Justice[On Phone]

"Me and Zatron, are on floor 5 and in room 505." Replied Beatrice[On Phone]

"Alright I'll be there." Said Justice and hangs up.

Justice walks to the door.

"This is so perfect, those two are right here in the hotel." Thought Justice.

He then leaves the room, and goes off to Beatrice's room.

[Theme ends]

{Hotel of Tranto, Beatrice's Room, Floor 5}

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice knocks on the door, Beatrice goes to open it.

"Ah, Justice, come in." Said Beatrice, and Justice walks in.

"So I wanted to talk about, that event we did, many years ago, the 3 of us." Said Justice.

Zatron, walks in and sees them both.

"Oh Justice, I thought we'd never see each other again after that evil trick we did." Explained Zatron.

"Yes, maybe, but I need you both, to help me with a plan." Said Justice.

"And what would we need to do?" Asked Beatrice.

"You'd all need to, falsificate and say that I am, Chain Vintoban." Said Justice.

"But, its not like that bank has seen, Chain before, it would not matter." Explained Zatron.

"Actually, it would, if Chain would try to claim that money, with true identity, then I would be in a legal trouble." Explained Justice.

"Ok, we'll help you." Said Beatrice.

[Theme ends]

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