"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 27: Great Fortune

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice and Karla speak in the Living room.

"Look, Chain received a great fortune, left by his parents, when he would turn 20." Said Justice.

"So he is rich?, why didn't he use that money in the first place?" Asked Karla.

Justice goes to sit down on the sofa.

"Heh, well he doesn't know about it, as I have always been quite about it." Explained Justice.

"For this long, thats amazing, and your planning on getting that money?" Asked Karla.

"Yes, I am, and I will get it no matter what." Said Justice.

"Where is the money?" Asked Karla.

"Its, in Chicago, in a bank, the fortune is very large, over millions he would be able to live without working for 8 years." Said Justice.

"And I must have that all, ALL OF IT!" Yelled and added Justice.

"As, long as you give me half of it." Said Karla.

"Of course I would, don't worry." Replied Justice.

Justice then takes out some papers from his suitcase and put them on the table, in the kitchen.

[Theme ends]

{Kitchen, Karla's House, 12:30PM}

[Theme that plays: ]

Karla and Justice both sit around the table.

"Look, Karla, these papers will help me get Chain's money." Explained Justice.

" did you get these? and what are they for exactly?" Asked Karla.

Justice smiles.

"This or these papers, are what will let me get his money, without the approve-ment of Chain." Replied Justice.

"My goodness, did you get that?" Asked Karla.

"Well, when my uncle and aunt left these papers on their desk in that old home, I got them, I thought they would be useful, one day." Replied Justice.

Karla then gets out of her chair and walks to the living room, she turns and faces Justice.

"Then...we must get it at once." Stated Karla.

"No, now is not the right time, we must be very careful." Said Justice.

{House of The Vintoban, 1:00PM, Living Room, sofa}

"I know, I know, maybe we should go off to another city and check some new sites and sounds." Said Randy.

"Thats, not a bad idea." Said Mariah.

"To where?" Asked Chain.

[Theme ends]

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