"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 25: Confessions

[Theme that plays: ]

The next day, Justice tells the trio that, he has found a job.

{Living Room, House of the Vintoban}

"Chain, Randy and Mariah, I have found a job, so I want this house all to myself." Said Justice.

"But why?" Asked Chain.

"You can't kick us out." Said Mariah.

"Yes, you can't." Added Randy.

Justice thinks its time to confess that he framed Chain to get his plan to work.

"Chain, can I speak to you in privet please?" Asked Justice.

Chain agrees and they both go up to his room.

{Chain's Room, 9:19AM}

Justice tells Chain to sit on the chair.

"So what is it that you wanted to say?" Asked Chain.

"I wanted to confess something to you." Said Justice.

"Which is?" Asked Chain.

"I, framed you and Katey for the virus in the computer in Foodelo." Replied Justice.

Chain is impacted to the max, he could not believe Justice did not admit it in the first place.

".....HOW COULD YOU?" Yelled Chain.

"I lost my home in New York, for your lies!" Added and yelled Chain.

"Heheh, to bad you'd never be able to prove it." Laughed and said Justice.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Mariah and Randy come into the room.

"What happened?" Asked Randy.

" responsible for the framing in foodelo." Said Chain still unable to believe it.

"Oh my god." Said Mariah.

"Idiots, all of you are idiots, heheh as long as you lost your house Chain I am able to still be in control." Explained Justice.

Chain gets a gun, under the bed.

"Betch, you'll die for this." Said Chain and points gun to Justice's head.

"NOOOO, CHAIN DON'T" Yelled Mariah.

Randy tries to take away Chain's gun from him.

"How bland, well I'm off." Said Justice.


"This is my house too." Stated Justice.

[Theme ends]

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