"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 22: Traveling Shadows

[Theme that plays: ]

Mariah arrives at the house.

{House of the Vintoban, Living room, 12:15PM}

"Mariah, I'm glad your here." Said Randy.

"I am too, *laughs*" Replied Mariah.

"Well anyways, this is Chain Vintoban." Presented Randy.

"Hello Mariah." Said Chain.

"Hi, Chain." Replied Mariah.

"So come on, I'll take you to your room." Said Randy.

"Ok, lets go." Said Mariah.

The 3 went up stairs and helped Mariah with her stuff and found a room for her.

{Mariah's Room, House of the Vintoban, 12:28PM}

They enter the room and begin setting up her room, and finally finish.

"Oh my goodness, its awesome." Said Mariah.

"Well, help always does a lot, doesn't it?" Asked Randy.

"It most certainly does." Said Chain.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice comes into the room, he is impacted that Chain brought another one of his friends to the house.

"Chain, I had enough of this, why do you keep bring people here?" Asked Justice.

"This is my house too, Justice, so I can bring anyone I want, get out of this room NOW!" Yelled Chain.

"INSOLENT!" Yelled Justice and leaves to his room.

Mariah and Randy are impacted.

"I'm sorry you guys, its just, Justice can get a bit annoying sometimes." Explained Chain.

"Wow, but you could sure shut him up at least." Said Mariah.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"Yes, Chain, you kind of scared me." Laughed and said Randy as well.

Chain joined in the laughing, but then the 3 went downstairs to prepare a feast.

{Vintoban House, Kitchen, 1:45PM}

"Ok, sweeties, I want to make dinner tonight and no ones gonna stop me." Said Mariah.

"Ooh Ooh, can I help?" Asked Randy.

"Sure, I'll need it." Replied Mariah.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

Chain is seen looking out the window next to the sofa.

"Chain is something wrong?" Asked Randy.

Chain turns to Randy and Mariah.

"No, I'm....fine don't worry." Replied Chain.

"But you don't look fine." Said Mariah.

"I am its just... I miss Katey." Said Chain.

"That was the girl who was going to come with you, to LA along with Justice?" Asked Randy.

"Yes." Replied Chain.

"What happened to her?" Asked Mariah.

"She died." Replied Chain.

[Theme ends]

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