"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 17: Drag me to Hell

[Theme that plays: ]

Justice and Katey begin to talk.

"How did you follow me?" Asked Katey.

"Simple, I need you out of my way you brat." Replied Justice.

"Why?" Asked Katey.

"Because, you pose as a major threat to my plans." Replied Justice.

"Why, what the hell are you up to, Justice?" Asked Katey.

"I just need you ended, I can't have stupid idiots in my way." Replied Justice.

"Oh so your going to kill me?" Asked Katey.

Justice takes out his gun.

"That, my dear, is not a bad idea." Said Justice and points it at her.

".....YOU CRAZY BETCH, DON'T YOU DARE." Yelled Katey.

"Why?, are you scared?" Asked Justice.

"Yes, you can't do this to me." Explained Katey.

"Actually I can, and I will, just as I have done with the rest." Said Justice.

Katey is impacted.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"I killed Kito and Dawna, my sweet and framed you two for the virus computer with the help of Dawna of course." Replied Justice.

Katey, couldn't believe how much of a hypocrite and malicious beast Justice is.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"You bastard, how could you?" Yelled Katey.

"You made me and Chain feel like crap for it." Added Katey.

"Yes, to bad you'll never be able to tell him." Said Justice.

"Will see about that." Said Katey and makes a run for it.

"Oh no you won't." Replied Justice and shoots her in the back of her head, she falls to the floor, blood coming out of her lifeless body is seen.

"Katey, Katey, Katey, you truly are ignorant to everything, I'm glad I got rid of you." Said Justice to her lifeless body.

Justice then leaves the graveyard, and returns home.

{Granoro, Living room, 10:39AM}

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"...Justice? where did you go?" Asked Chain.

Justice is shocked, but tries to reply calmly.

"Uh, I was in the garage packing some stuff." Replied Justice.

"Oh, I really didn't know you kept things in there, ok thats fine." Said Chain.

"By the way, have you seen, Katey?" Asked and added Chain.

"No, I have not." Replied Justice.

"Oh, ok." Said Chain.

"Why isn't she here?" Asked Justice.

"She went to the graveyard to visit her dead parents." Replied Chain.

"Hmph, thank me stupid little girl, now your with your parents." Said Justice in his mind.

"But anyways, I'll seeya later, I'm gunna go to the store to buy somethings." Said Chain and leaves to the store.

[Theme ends]

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