"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 15: Gains and Losses

[Theme that plays: ]

The next day, Justice orders Chain and Katey to go to Foodelo and pay the debt.

{Foodelo Lobby, 7:00AM}

They ask the person at the front desk.

"Oh its you two, you two destroyed our company." Said Critia.

"No, it wasn't us-" Said Katey but is interrupted by Chain.

"Its no use, Katey, don't bother explaining anything to this, lady." Said Chain.

"Yes, your right." Said Katey.

"Bah, what do you two want anyways?" Asked Critia.

"We are here to pay the debt." Replied Chain.

Critia, is impacted by how quickly they got money to pay the fine.

"How is that possible, I bet you two stole money." Said Critia.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Yelled Katey.

"For your information, Critia, we are selling our house here to pay off the fine." Said Chain.

"Pffft, whatever, the sooner you two monsters get out of here the better." Stated Critia.

"Yes, we do want to leave, but not because you are telling us, its because you are all wolves and its a den of wolves with you people." Said Chain.

"Chain, lets just pay it off and leave." Said Katey.

"Alright, I'll give her the money *Gives Critia the money*." Replied Chain.

"Well then, finally you two are over with and I am glad for that." Said Critia.

[Theme ends]

Critia, then calls police to kick out Chain and Katey, they leave back to there house.

{Living Room, Granoro, 8:00AM}

[Theme that plays: ]

Katey and Chain sit on the sofa looking out the window, in sadness, Justice appears.

"Enough with your drama shows, Chain and Katey, all of this could have not happened if you two would have never did what you did." Said Justice.

Katey gets off the sofa and walks to Justice.

"I'm sick and tired of you saying that, Justice, I told you we are not responsible." Explained Katey with frustration.

"Oh, so the computer magically got a virus, is what your saying?" Asked Justice.

Chain also gets up.

"Justice, seriously enough, please, stop being so cruel to us." Said Chain.

"You two think, that it'll be easy to lose this house, that we all tried to work so hard on?REALLY?" Asked Justice in anger.

"I understand how you feel." Said Chain.


Katey goes up to her room crying.

"Why did you do that? WHY?" Yelled Chain.

"Shut up, just shut up and get out of my face this instant, Chain." Said Justice.

Chain then leaves off up to Katey's room.

[Theme ends]

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