"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 13: Turnabout Hope

[Theme that plays: ]

{Justice's Office, Foodelo, 5:00PM}

Karla De Conteco comes into the office of Justice's.

"Justice, did you hear the news?" Asked Karla.

"What news?" Asked Justice.

"Kito...he...he..hes dead." Said Karla.

Justice pretends to be impacted, so Karla won't think that he is the killer.

"Oh my goodness." Yelled Justice.

"We are currently, taking out the body of the building, so we will close down for at least a week to clear up this mystery." Explained Karla.

"Right thats a very good idea." Replied Justice.

{Granodo House, Living room}

Katey and Chain were watching the news and out came Kito's death, they could not believe it.

"Oh my were just speaking to him earlier." Asked Katey.

"Someone is responsible, someone in that building is responsible for all of it." Said Chain.

"But, police said, that no confirming evidence was left at the scene of the crime." Stated Katey.

[Theme ends]

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Chain thought about it, and agreed on that, night fell and Justice arrived, all 3 talked in the kitchen.

"Justice, did you do anything to find out why this all happened?" Asked Chain.

"I was very busy, as Dawna died as well in the underground lobby." Replied Justice.

"How did she...?, did someone cause it?" Asked Katey.

"Well, from what the police found out, it seems as though she killed herself." Replied Justice.

"All of this must have a reason, I know it all must." Said Chain.

"I am not the person investigating so I wouldn't really have a clear idea, but anyways that shouldn't concern any of you two." Said Justice.

Justice moves to the living room sofa and talks to Katey and Chain from there.

[Theme ends]

[Theme that plays: ]

"And why wouldn't it concern us?" Asked Katey.

"Don't play dumb you two, after what you two did to Foodelo, don't act like you two really care about Kito." Said Justice.

Katey and Chain get offended by Justice's comment.

"Why Justice?, why must you always be so rude and uncooperative?" Asked Chain.

"JUSTICE, You don't and won't understand that we were indeed framed, of course." Said Katey.

"No, no your reasons are unvalued to me. why?..because you two are wolves." Said Justice and leaves to his room.

Katey and Chain are impacted by his comment, but they both go off to sleep and await the new day.

[Theme ends]

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