"Bells and Rails" (Theme: )

Chapter 10: Destination and Turnabout

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"Are you threatening me?" Asked Katey.

"No, I'm just informing you and Chain." Replied Dawna.

"Justice, aren't you going to say anything?" Asked Chain.

"No, Chain, if you and Katey were responsible for this, you both will pay dearly." Said Justice.

Chain and Katey could not believe it, they are in despair to what will happen, Kito Franco comes into the office, and checks the computer.

"There is certainly nothing to do, there is a virus in the computer." Said Kito.

Katey was shocked.

"No, how could this be?" Said Chain.

"I...I..I didn't do it, I swear." Said Katey with sadness.

"That's enough you two, I am very disappointed." Said Dawna.

"Chain, Katey please turn in your ID cards and leave my building at once, I do not wish to see you two ever again." Said Kito.

"But, sir, I.." Said Chain, but was interrupted by Dawna.

"Thats, enough Chain, you heard the boss." Said Dawna and calls for security, in which they kick both Chain and Katey out of the Foodelo Industries.

[Theme ends]

{Justice's Office, 12:30PM, Foodelo Industries}

[Theme that plays: ]

"I am truly sorry for what my cousin and his friend did, Kito." Said Justice.

"No, no, its ok, it is not your fault Justice, you were just a victim, but don't worry, they won't ever be back here in my business." Said Kito with enforcement.

"That's a very good choice, sir, I hope those two pay for what they did, ...those wolves." Added Dawna.

"And all, I can really say sir is that, they must pay for there insolents." Said Justice.

"Well I must go now, bye you two." Said Kito and leaves.

Justice and Dawna then begin to talk.

"This was perfect, Dawna, absolutely perfect, I am so glad we did this." Said Justice with glee.

"It wasn't easy to do though." Commented Dawna.

"But, think about it, we killed two birds with one stone, now that certainly counts for something indeed." Said Justice.

"Now, I'll have to kick those two out of the city." Added Justice.

"But then how would you get Chain's money?" Asked Dawna.

Justice walks over to his office window and looks out to the cars.

"Its simple really... I'll have to make sure that Kito makes them pay their fine daily and accordantly." Replied Justice.

Dawna gets out of her seat, in a rush.

"But..but...that money would only be Kito's." Said Dawna.

Justice then walks over to Dawna.

"Heh, not if I have his title and take over Foodelo Industries." Said Justice.

"Thats impossible, unless of course you would kill him." Explained Dawna.

"Exactly, I must finish him to get his title and be in charge." Said Justice.

Dawna is impacted, at this confession.

[Theme ends]

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