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Bells and Rails
Written by Buziel
Main Theme "Turn Around, Look at Me" by The Lettermen
Co-Writers YoshiEgg, (Spark01, Logo)
Original Run Nov. 20th, 2010 - Jan. 5th, 2011
Genre Serial Drama and Suspense
Motto "Greed is the root of all evil."
Total Chapters 41
Air Dates Monday-Friday
Status Ended


Chain Vintoban, comes to New York to live in, after he was framed greatly in the past, he looks for a job to maintain himself, not so long after his cousin, Justice Vintoban finds him and goes to New York, as Chain will inherit a great fortune and does not know about it, Justice buys a house in New York for them two and not so long after Chain's friend Katey comes to live with them. There will be many conflicts, lies and mischief as well as greed before the ending result.

Main Characters

Chain Vintoban - Honest, confidant, he wants to finally have a nice life after all the hell he went through, Cousin of Justice. Main Protagonist.

Justice Vintoban - Greedy, cruel and manipulative, he wants to get all of what's Chain and leave him destroyed, he is selfish and cold hearted, Hates Chain. Villain/Main Antagonist.

Katey De Los Montesinos - Kind, honest, she comes to New York to help out Chain with the house, and for a job as well, enemy of Justice. Co-Protagonist.

Dawna Retiront - Friend of Justice, helps him in his many evil tricks. Co-Antagonist.

Kito Franco - Boss of Foodelo Industries, controls the whole building and works, but is unknown to Justice's true intentions.

Randy Carto - Friend of Chain and Mariah, he goes along to live with Chain and help him, enemy of Justice. Co-Protagonist.

Mariah Jabvez - Friend of Chain and Randy, she goes to live with Chain and Randy in the house of the Vintoban, Enemy of Justice. Co-Protagonist.

Karla Del Licochin - Ally of Justice, she is as greedy as Justice and helps him with his plans. Co-Antagonist.

Beatrice Contemonte - Ally of Justice, she is only in his plans for money. Co-Antagonist.

Zatron Contemonte - Ally of Justice, he is also only in his plans for money. Co-Antagonist.



  • The name "Vintoban" sounds like Beethoven.
  • Originally the beta title of "Bells and Rails" was, "Cruel Hope".
  • The first story by Iceario to feature the death of a major character.
  • It is reveled during the latter part of the series that, Justice Vintoban has a mental disorder.
  • This is the production that started the "company" fad, in future productions.

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