Chapter 1 (Humans)

The humans are working hard, that they can survive the Global Warming problems. They are stardet making three machines, the Onion BETTA 1.0 . Cause it doesn't help beating the Global warming, they put it somewhere where they will never see it again: 'The Impact Site', 'The Forest Of Hope' and 'The Forest Navel'.

But it was to late, the humans fled to another Planet to live there. They haven't take something with them. Gloves, fruits and other things.

Chapter 2 (Bulborbs)

An creature, which is called Bulborb lived after the humans at the Earth. It aets vegetables because no creature lived there.
But that was only the beginning. They evolved into stronger Bulborbs. To Emperor Bulblaxs, Empress Bulblaxs, Hairy Bulborbs, Fiery Bulblaxs, Bulbears, Breadbugs and Orange Bulborbs and Bulborb Larvas! After they evolved, started fighting themself!

At the end are Breadbugs almost extinct. Fiery Bulblaxes, Red Bulborbs and Hairy Bulborb wons the fight. All Bulborbs lives after that epic war peacful!

But new Creatures evolves

Chapter 3 (1 Day before Olimar)

Many creatures lives now at the Earth: Clampshells, Sheargrubs, Shearwigs, Armored Canon Beetels...
All Creatures lived then on the ENTIRE PLANET!
They ruin everything what was not ruin! 12 hours befor Olimar was on the planet, had a little Bulborb found the Red Onion and told all of the Bulborbs about it!
They watched every Onion, that no one can active it.

3 Bulborbs, are sitting outside at the night. They saw that there was an Meteor flown from the sky. They alarmed every Bulborb!

And so starts Olimars Adventure: While Olimar was on the Pikmin Planet 1!

FantendoFan is working hard on the sequel: While Olimar was on the Pikmin Planet 1.

But he needs a few days so...

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