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Beep is the name given to a giant Monty Mole with a Rocky Wrench atop its head. In Super Mario Maker, it serves as the boss of the Monty Mole's Burrow (9AC1-0000-0051-5A63-CD63) and BeepBooBooBaaBaaWigglyPeepBowserJr. (EAD1-0000-00AA-071A) levels.


Super Mario Maker

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Beep in Monty Mole's Burrow.

Beep serves as the main boss of the Monty Mole's Burrow level, where he is fought at the end on a wooden bridge. Later, he makes appearance as the first boss of the boss rush level BeepBooBooBaaBaaWigglyPeepBowserJr.. In the latter level, he must be let out of his cage using a P-Switch.


He lives in a burrow under the ground, where he has lots of Monty Mole minions, which protect the burrow from Mario. It is said that Beep wanted to make the whole world his burrow.


The Rocky Wrench

Legend has it that the Rocky Wrench was stuck to his head after Beep was digging underground and the force was so strong that it sucked the Rocky Wrench onto the Beep's head and was stuck there forever.


Beep seems to be somewhat selfish, though because of his cute looks, often gets what he wants.

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