Beekbeeko 3: Beeko Island is a sequel to Beekbeeko and Beekbeeko 2 and was released for the snes in 1993.


The Beekbeekos are going on a boat ride when a MASSIVE storm come and throws them on an Island called Beeko Island. The beekbeekos must get off the island before they become lost FOREVER.

New Gameplay

One of the new things is you have a limited amount of time to beat the game. As I wrote in the story the beekbeekos must get off the island before they become lost FOREVER. You have 48 hours to beat the game before the beekbeekos are lost forever.

Playable Characters

  1. Round Square
  2. Circle
  3. Triangle
  4. Star
  5. Octagon


  1. Minion
  2. Big Minion
  3. Fire Minion
  4. Ice Minion
  5. Wind Minion
  6. Bucket of Bones
  7. Big Bucket of Bones
  8. Fiery Bones
  9. Mr. Burn
  10. Eyegor
  11. Monkeyat
  12. Tropivil Birds


#1 Flower Maid

The flower maid is the first boss. She will throw pettle shurikens at you and try to stomp on you.

 #2 Baby Volcano

Mr. Volcano is the second boss and a mini version of a volcano! He Shoots lava at you and trys to crush you.

#3 ???

#4 ???

#5 ???

#6 The Fister

The Fister is the final boss! He'll punch you with his big hands, try to crush you, and will ground pound which sends a harmful shockwave.

 Island Spots (Like worlds except spots on the island)

  1. Its Flowerly Beautiful!
  2. Volcano Hot Spot
  3. Tiny You, Big Coconuts
  4. Land of the Monkeyats
  5. Bird Nest
  6. Butt Kicker

The Ending (Do I really need a spoiler alert for a made-up game?)

At the end of the game when you beat The Fister the whole island EXPLODES which sends the BeekBeekos flying across the sky landing back in Beeko City, just in time for the new year

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