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The bee is a "harmful" bug introduced in Animal Crossing. Though bees appear in large numbers, they can only be caught in singular form, like ants. Once a bee is caught, the other bees in the swarm will dissipate. They are often seen as the main antagonists of the Nintendo franchise, Animal Crossing

Bees are not visible unless shaken out of their beehives. Once the beehive falls, bees will emerge. Only five beehives are generated each day, but they cannot be found if the wireless gate is open and/or other players are inside the town. In New Leaf beehives can appear in any trees including fruit trees, whereas in previous games only regular non-fruit trees can hold them.

In New Leaf, beehives can be picked up and sold for 500 Bells.


Bees, once shaken, will continue to chase the player indefinitely until the player enters a building or quits the game. Bees follow the player and travel faster than running speed, however they are fairly slow to turn which can be used to the advantage of the player. In most games, a simple 5-second run from the tree, net equip, and net swing into the swarm is sufficient to catch them if the timing is right.

If the bees catch the player, the player's left eyelid will swell, and villagers will often laugh or chide the player when they are in this stung state, with the exception of uchi villagers which give medicine to cure the stings. Villagers will mention a swarm of bees in conversation if it is nearby, a trait shared with scorpions and tarantulas.


Animal Crossing

Bees were responsible for the trees, forcing you to find a new town to live in. Despite running away from them, Bees continue to send "death squads" which the player must take care of with a bug net. There is no winning condition to a bee encounter except capturing them and selling them to Tom Nook as slaves.


  • In New Leaf, if there are bees in the vicinity and a player talks to a villager while they're fishing, they will only bring up the fishing dialogue instead of the bee chase restriction.
  • Since bees usually appear with the beehive in New Leaf, the total would be 3,000 bells if both the bee and the beehive were included.
  • Wearing something on the player's face to cover up the bee sting (i.e. glasses) will not hide it.
  • In New Leaf, if a villager follows the player to go to their house, no bees will appear when shaking trees.

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