Porky in the Bed Mecha

The Bed Mecha was the machine Porky Minch used to perform physical tasks for himself in Mother 3, while letting him rest in his permanent near-death state. It was capable of being hung against the side of a wall, walking, running and climbing through use of its many metal legs, and even fighting until it ran out of energy. The Bed Mecha is purple and seems almost coffin-like in appearance, with Porky resting behind a glass case in the center of the machine. The front of the machine has a vaguely spider-like mouth with pincers. Those who have never played Mother 3 would recognize it as Porky used it to battle Lucas (Mother) and Ness in Super Smash Bros. Brawl in "The Subspace Emissary." Its moves differ greatly between the Smash Brothers version and the real game. In Mother 3, the Bed Mecha is one of the more challenging opponents in that it consistently maintains a PSI counter, making it too risky to attack outright with your strongest moves. It is capable of immediately lowering an entire party's offense and defense, and it also has a wide variety of bothersome status ailments to distract you. It starts attacking initially with simple jabs, but it gradually changes its strategy so that it attacks with shield/counter-bypassing explosions which threaten to deal heavy damage to your entire party.

In Mother 3.5

The Bed Mecha is fought as the final boss.

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