Becky the Gorilla
Becky the Gorilla
Full Name Becky Simian (Full Name)
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Species Gorilla
Location Sunny Villa Island
Align Good
Current Status Active
Class Ally
Family and Relations
Blatly (Younger Brother)
First Appearance Blatly and Imp: Northern Menace
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Becky is a recurring character in the Skip and Sqak reboot series. She is a dark blue gorilla who is Blatly's older sister and guardian. She first appeared in Blalty and Imp: Northern Menace, where she helps the duo on their quest. She has became a recurring character ever since.


Northern Menace

In her debut appearance, Becky serves as NPC along with Silvia. She gives Blatly and Imp a drive in her bike across Carnaga and saves game's progress with her laptop.

Sunshine Slam-Ball

Becky appears as a starter character in Sunshine Slam-Ball, where she plays as a strong player.


Becky is a dark blue gorilla with brown hair and green eyes. She wears two outfits in some occasions. In her debut, she wears a white t-shirt tucked into black mini shorts held by a turquoise belt and gold buckle, white socks, and black high heel boots.

Another outfit is a dark pink jacket with a light pink shirt underneath tucked into dark rouge pants held by a black belt, and black high heel boots up to her knees.

She sometimes wears a black pair of gloves.


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